12 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever  The American Kennel Club states that a Labrador retriever is a listener and a keeper. Labs were originally bred to be loyal dogs and retrieve lost pups. Labs are able to bond naturally with people and form stronger bonds with family members. They are loyal and unshakeable, and will protect the people they love.

The Great Pyrenees  The Great Pyrenees started out as herding dogs. This function has shaped their protective instincts and loyal guardianship qualities. 

Akita  Akitas are Japanese national treasures. They are large, dignified, and affectionate dogs who enjoy being with their families. These dogs are loyal, brave, and alert. Hachiko, the Japanese symbol of loyalty and love, is an Akita dog known as Hachiko. It's also the most loyal dog breed in the world.

Rough Collie  A list without a Collie? no way! The Collie, a long-haired herding dog breed that is Scottish in origin, is quite distinctive. According to the AKC, Collies are loyal and protective dogs with a long history of protecting their owners. 

German Shepherd  This one must have been obvious to you, right? German Shepherds may seem intimidating, but these dogs are loyal to their family and those they love. According to the AKC, German Shepherds are 'gentle, caring, loving' towards their owners.

Brittany  Brittany is an energetic worker who is loyal and family-oriented. Brittany dog breeds are active and love to exercise. Brittany dogs will play fetch with you and your children, hunt, and compete in canine sports like agility or flyball.

St. Bernard  A St. Bernard. St. Bernards are the most loving, loyal and caring family dog, according to the movie "Beethoven". 

Rottweiler  Rottweilers love their owners and are loyal and honest. These dogs are described by the AKC as "powerful and protective" and "loyal, loyal, and instinctual guardians." These strong guardians were originally used for herding and work dogs. They will always show loyalty and be there to help you. It is all about how you raise them.

Dachshunds  Dachshunds can trace their roots back to Germany. They are well-known for being one of the most loyal, amusing and affectionate dog breeds. Because of their small, but strong bodies, they are often called a sausage dog, wiener hound, or hot dog. 

Chihuahua  Chihuahuas choose their favorites just like Dachshunds. They'll stay with you until the end, just as Dachshunds. These pups are smaller than others on the list, but they can be very loyal and possess a huge personality. 

Kuvasz  Kuvasz dogs are Hungarian-rooted and have guarded Hungarian livestock for many years. They are beloved house pets that possess a great intelligence and a sense of humor. These dogs are loyal and loyal to their owners and they appreciate attention.

Dobermann Pinscher  Karl Friedrich Dobermann, a German man, created the Dobermann Pinscher breed of dog because he needed a companion for his tax-collecting career. These dogs are intelligent and energetic, which makes them a favorite in the military and canine sports.