12 Most Popular Cat Breeds for Feline Lovers

Siamese This cat breed has been popular since the 19th Century. It originated in Thailand, formerly Siam. The Siamese is a foundational breed of the Oriental shorthair, Himalayan, and sphynx. The distinctive markings of Siamese cats are called "points". These are areas of coloration in their ears, feet and tail. 

Persian The Persians are affectionately known as the "smushed" cat. They have long, beautiful fur and are often called Shiraz or Iranian cats. They come in a variety of colors and have a more flat face than most other cat breeds. Persians have been a popular cat breed for many decades and are often featured in movies, commercials, and artwork. 

Maine Coon The Maine coon cat is known for its tall stature and thick fur coat. The Maine coon, which is the state cat of Maine, is a gentle giant. They are excellent hunters and became popular after the CFA declared them purebred in late 1970s. 

Ragdoll Ragdoll cats got their names from their gentle temperament. When picked up they tend to limp, similar to a rag doll. People used to believe they could not feel pain. With their pointed color patterns and long hair, Ragdolls resemble Siamese cats. 

Bengal Bengals can be wild-looking, literally. They are wild-looking cats, and their markings make them seem more at home in the jungle than in your home. But they can be domesticated. They can be very talkative and need a lot of exercise. They are available in many colors, with different patterns such as spots or rosettes. 

Abyssinian Originating from Ethiopia, the Abyssinian cat is characterized by its distinctive ruddy agouti fur that gives it its distinctive banded appearance. It is tall and pointed with a wedge-shaped head and a muscular, slender body. Abys are curious, active cats who often follow their owners around. 

Birman Birmans, another color-pointed cat, are similar to the Siamese or ragdoll. Birmans have blue eyes, a medium-long hair and no undercoat. This is what sets them apart from Himalayans and Persians. Birmans were the first stock to breed ragdolls. They look very similar but have different personalities and markings. 

Oriental Shorthair You may assume that this short-haired cat is a Siamese. But the Oriental shorthair is an entirely different breed. They are usually green-eyed and can be spotted in many colors, unlike Siamese cats. 

Sphynx The sphynx cat is a great choice if you're looking for a cat who doesn't shed. The sphynx cat is unique because they don't have fur. They are active and social felines that look a lot like dogs. Although they look royal, they can be playful and innocent and behave more like court jesters than they do. 

Devon Rex Devon rex cats are wavy with short, curly hair. They have long ears and slim bodies. The Devon Rex cat is playful and active. It's described as "a monkey wearing a catsuit". With its sweet, playful disposition, this cat will win your heart. They can also be trained and are skilled at learning tricks. 

Himalayan  The Himalayan cat, like the Persian cat, is considered a subbreed in certain cat associations while others consider it a distinct breed. To achieve their colors, Himalayans were cross-bred with Siamese and Persians. They are affectionate and love to be loved by their owners. 

American Shorthair The American shorthair cat, an all-American breed, is an intelligent shorthair feline with a round face. It has short ears and a round head. Although they are sometimes confused with domestic mixed-breed cats, they are purebred