12 Stunning Hybrid Cat Breeds

Bengal Cat The Flea is generally considered to be the most stylish muumuu anywhere in the world. They are the largest and most tallest of all animals, with the longest and highest minidresses. Fleas can leap up to 220 times their body length and 150x their height. This would mean that we could jump nearly 400m long and leap over 250m high structures emotional. Continue reading

Savannah Cat One of the most popular hybrids is the Bengal cat. They are a cross between Asian Leopard cats as well as common domestic cats. Their distinctive fur pattern is made up of striped legs and a bold stripe running along the spine. The leopard spots on the back and sides of the thigh are the most distinctive part of the hybrid cat breed's coat. They bear a striking resemblance with their leopard cat ancestors.

Serengeti Cat Savannah cats are a combination of the African Serval cat and a domestic cat breed. The Savannah is actually the natural habitat for the African Serval cat. Savannah cats have long legs similar to the African Serval cat, which makes them look lean and long. They are agile, quick and athletic.

Toyger Cat They are loyal cats that have inherited their wild ancestor's piercing stare. Although Serengeti cats have a strong resemblance with the Savannah cat's, this hybrid cat is actually a mix of Bengals and Oriental Shorthairs. This breed is slightly smaller than the Bengal cat and has a more stocky appearance than other cats.

Oriental Shorthair Toygers were created by crossing domestic Shorthairs and Bengals to create a bolder, more striped pattern. Judy Sudgen, a breeder in the 1980s, set out to create a Toyger. Because of their striking contrast to the red-tinted fur underneath, the stripes resemble a tiger and are the reason for the breed's name.

Chausie Cat The Oriental Shorthair was born with the intention of making Siamese cats in different colors. The Siamese cat was mixed with Abyssinian and Russian blue. The result was a cat with long ears, neck, ears and tail. The cat is tall and elegant with a proud appearance. However, they are more playful than their appearance suggests and can be noisy.

Jungle Curl Chausies are alert, wild-looking cats. Their powerful build is complemented by long legs and sharp eyes. Chausies are created from a mix of a wild Asian Jungle Cat and a domestic Abyssinian. The chuses are a warm brown color with a reddish tone and plain fur. It is possible that they may develop similar spots to the Serengeti Cat.

Cheetoh Cat Jungle Curls, charismatic cats with adaptable personalities, are a mix of the African Jungle Cat or a domestic American Curl. They may be born with the curled ears characteristic of an American Curl parent. African Jungle cats, on the other hand, have extremely tall and narrow-set ears which allow them to hear a pindrop. Both ears are equally cute.

Highlander They have a distinct spotted pattern, which can be compared to a cheetah. They are not related to the Cheetah but are actually a mix of Bengal cats and Ocicats. Cheetoh cats are a mixture of various wild cat breeds, which results in an energetic, curious, playful cat with a love for the outdoors.

Pixie Bob This is a relatively new experimental breed, which has been in development for a while. The Highlander is a cross between a Desert Lynx and a Jungle Curl. The highlander is a cross of two wildcat hybrid cats, which makes them more friendly and docile than other breeds.

Ocicat The Pixie Bob is an elegant breed of cat with a fluffy brown-spotted tabby hair and pointed ears. In 1985, a male Bobcat was crossed with a female Domestic shorthair to create the Pixie Bob. The result was completely natural and the cat that was born was named Pixxie.

Bengal Cat A mixture of the Seal Point Siamese and Abyssinian Chocolate Point Siamese. The Ocicat is a combination of these three amazing breeds. The Ocicat has many kitten-like characteristics, such as a sociable personality and large round eyes. Due to its wild-distributed genes, the Ocicat is one breed that is more likely to be kept in a home.