13 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know about Newborn Puppies

Newborn puppies They're tiny, cute, and downright amazing. 

They develop in a short period Puppies develop and grow in the womb of their mother for about two months.

They Double Their Weight in a Week

Puppy can't hear or see the first two weeks, but can make puppy noises.

They Sleep and Eat a Lot

They can't eliminate waste on their own The mothers of puppies are the ones who encourage them to use the toilet.

They Must Keep Warm For newborn puppies, temperature is very important. Puppies can't regulate their body temperature well. They should be kept at 75 degrees and 80 percent humidity in order to allow their bodies to function normally.

They’re Born with Fur and Nails but No Teeth

They Are Fast Learner Puppy babies will crawl and scoot around as newborns. They will start walking between 3 and 12 weeks old and improve their motor skills, including wagging their tails.

Puppy are more susceptible to diseases such as parvo and distemper between 4 and 12 weeks of their age.

Family Time Benefit A puppy born before 8 weeks should not be removed from his mother or littermates. He can stay with them for up to 12 months. A puppy's health and immune system can be affected if he is separated from his mother or littermates too soon. "Keeping puppies with their mother reduces the risk of them being exposed to infectious diseases."