Papillon The papillon has a happy expression and is alert to new opportunities. These companion dogs, which were small and adorable, were loved by European royalty. The papillon, also known as a miniature spaniel or toy dog, is small in stature.

Chihuahua Chihuahuas have a strong relationship with their owners. They love spending time cuddled up on their laps. They are very adaptable and can live in either a house or apartment with little energy. 

French Bulldog The French bulldog is a friendly and easygoing companion. The Frenchie is a popular choice for apartment dwellers as it doesn't need a lot of space or a large yard. Although it may need to go for a few solid walks every day, the Frenchie is calm and relaxed.

Golden Retriever The golden retriever is affectionate and sweet-tempered. This companion dog is ideal for people who are looking for a friendly, easygoing and eager to please canine.

Shih Tzu These toy dogs are believed to have originated from Tibet and became the favorite companions of Chinese emperors. When potential intruders came near, they would sound the alarm. The Shih Tzu was also known to be a lapwarmer.

Irish Wolfhound The Irish Wolfhound is a large dog that can be a good friend and companion. The Irish Wolfhound is a large dog with a big heart. This breed is known for being a loyal and attentive family dog.

American Staffordshire Terrier American Staffordshire Terriers look happy and cheerful, which is a fitting description of their happy, playful personalities. They are medium-sized and will often try to get into someone's lap despite their small size. They love cuddling, but they need to be exercised and stimulated mentally.

Pug A pug's unmistakable smile is guaranteed to bring a smile on your face. They were originally bred as companion dogs. They are best at home with their owners, and prefer to be sat on the person's lap. Pugs don't require much space and are very easygoing.

German Shorthaired Pointer Although they aren't your typical lap dog, German shorthaired pointsers make great companion dogs for anyone who is looking for a running, hiking or hunting partner. They excel at almost any canine sport, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to learn agility, flyball, dock diving and other dog sports.

Maltese The dainty Maltese is a companion dog breed that has been popular for centuries from the Mediterranean. According to Roman women, these dogs were often tucked into the dresses of their wives.

Dachshund Dachshunds are sometimes called "Velcro dogs" because they become attached to their owners. Although originally bred to hunt small game, dachshunds today are more well-known for digging under blankets than into rabbit holes. The dachshund is available in standard and mini sizes. It has a lively personality and loves to watch out for any intruders.

Poodle The poodle is a well-known breed. It is intelligent, friendly, and versatile. The poodle comes in three sizes: standard, miniature, or toy. They make great companion dogs.

Boston Terrier The Boston terrier is an adaptable and friendly companion dog. Because they don't require much space to exercise their energy, these little dogs can be adapted to living in urban areas. They are also tolerant of noise and will not become stressed if there is a lot going on.