13 Cat Breeds With Big Eyes

Devon Rex The Devon rex's curly hair is very similar to the Cornish rex's. This breed is unusually large with oval-shaped eyes. These cats are small and slim with large triangular ears. Although a Devon rex can have any color eyes, cats with mink-colored hair often have aqua eyes. Colorpoint cats often have beautiful blue eyes.

Singapura The Devon rex's curly hair is very similar to the Cornish rex's. This breed is unusually large with oval-shaped eyes. The eyes of a Devon rex are able to be any color. However, cats with mink-colored hair often have aqua eyes.

Sphynx The sphynx is known for its hairless skin. It is also well-known for its charming gaze and almost human-like expressions. It is possible that the sphynx lacks facial fur, but its large, unique-shaped eyes are what draws people to it.

Persian  Because of the Persian's round, flat face, it is probable that Persian cats have large, round eyes. Their long, fluffy coats are strikingly contrasted by the brightly colored peepers of Persian cats. You can have one blue and one copper, odd-eyes, heterochromia or heterochromia.

Scottish Fold The most distinctive characteristic of the Scottish fold is its ears. They fold inwardly and lay flat against the head. These cats have a charming look thanks to their large, round eyes. The Scottish fold has four eye colors: blue, green, gold and copper. They are very well-rounded. The broad nose in the middle of the face separates the eyes.

Tonkinese It can be difficult to look away from the eyes of a Tonkinese cat. These cats are large, round, and have exotic eye colors like aqua, sky and violet. This is a mix of the Siamese & Burmese. They are beautiful with diverse genetics and have gorgeous coat colors. These eyes are unique and bright thanks to their heritage.

Russian Blue The beautiful Russian blue cat breed is another top-rated. The triangular-shaped head of this cat breed is complemented by wide-set, round eyes and a broad forehead. Except when they are asleep, they will always be watching you. This cat breed is known for its yellow eyes, which all kittens have. As they age, the large-eyed cat's eyes will turn greener.

British Shorthair The eyes of the British Shorthair cat breed have almost all-round shapes. These cats have large, round eyes and well-open eyes. This breed is known for its beautiful blue coat and stunning gold eyes. There are many colors you can use for eyes and coats, including green, blue, and copper.

Abyssinian The Abyssinian cat is exotic looking for many reasons. Not least because of its expressive and large eyes. These cats are unique because they have almond-shaped eyes, which is quite unusual in the feline world. These cat's eyes are distinctively angled and not the usual round shape found in large-eyed cat breeds.

Chartreux Chartreux cats are an expressive cat breed with round eyes. Chartreux cats are a French national treasure. The Chartreux cat has a blue-gray, uniformly-trimmed coat with eyes that range from gold to copper. Eyes are best suited for Chartreux blue.

Ocicat Unique in its leopard-like appearance, the ocicat is a rare species. It is large and almond-shaped. They are slightly larger than the average, and they angle in the corner. Breed guidelines say they shouldn't be smaller than one eye's width between each eye. Ocicats can be a mixture of genes.

Ragamuffin  Ragamuffins are a long-haired breed with expressive eyes that can be found in all colours. They can sometimes be confused with the ragdoll. The distinctive scooped nose and walnut-shaped eyes of the ragamuffin are hallmarks of this species. The nose of the ragdoll does not have a scooped shape, but is sloping.

Japanese Bobtail  The Japanese bobtail is most well-known for its short, bobbed tails. However, their eyes are big and round. You can also find them in many colors. The breed is well-known for its heterochromia (or odd-eye colors). Heterochromia is an accepted trait in the breed standard.