13 Long Hair Dog Breeds With Beautiful looks

Polish Lowland Sheepdog The double-layered thick, shaggy coat of the Polish lowland sheepdog, which is similar to many other herding dogs, is long-layered and thick. The top layer is thick while the bottom is thin. The Polish lowland sheepdog's natural shape is an oval with arched toes. Their tails can be either long or short.

Bearded Collie The bearded collie has a thick, shaggy beard and thick coat. The bearded collie was developed in Scotland hundreds of years ago. It was originally used to drive cattle and herd sheep. They are athletic and energetic with a lively personality. The coat consists of two layers. One is a hard, rough, and shaggy outer layer, and one is a soft, furry, close-looping undercoat.

Bolognese The crowning glory of the Bolognese is its fluffy, long-length, white fur. It wraps around your body like a soft cloud. It was named after Bologna in Italy, its birthplace. The monarchs loved it for many centuries. It is a beloved companion dog and lapdog.

Afghan Hound Their silky, flowing hair is the most distinctive characteristic of Afghan hounds. Dogs in Afghanistan's eastern mountains are protected by their thick coats. This breed can be traced back thousands of years.

Shih Tzu Charming little Shihtzu (pronounced "sheedzoo") is a Chinese "lion breed". It has been loved by royalty for many generations. The long flowing coat and pushed-in nose make it appear like a small lion. Shih tzsu make great family dogs. They are friendly, outgoing, and affectionate. The breed's silky, long, straight coat can reach the ground if allowed to grow.

Lhasa Apso Lhasa apso, an ancient Tibetan breed, is a descendant from the Himalayan Mountains. These small dogs were used to guard Buddhist monasteries, palaces, and sound the alarm if they saw an approaching person. This breed was named for Lhasa, a sacred Tibetan city.

Coton de Tulear The charming and friendly coton De Tuulear is Madagascar's most beloved dog. This breed is known for its dense, dense, dense and fluffy coat that has a cotton-like texture. This is why the breed's name is "coton".

Havanese Havanese dogs are the only ones that come from Cuba. The Havanese has a silky, luxurious, long-lasting and luxurious coat. The Havanese breed is friendly, intelligent, and social.

Maltese The single-layered coat of a Maltese is versatile. It can reach long lengths and grow to the ground. It can be styled in many different ways. You can cut it shorter at the tail or longer at your head. Owners prefer to have a shorter coat as long coats are difficult to maintain.

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkies have one coat of silky fine hair that is long and silky. It looks very much like human hair. Yorkies should brush their hair frequently, as they grow continuously. Yorkies are less likely than dogs with allergies to shed. It is possible for hair to shed frequently, but it is not unusual for it to be noticeable.

Komondor When it isn't in use, the distinctive coat of a Komondor might look like "deadlocks". Cords flocks mats are the correct terminology. Because of their white coats, they blend well into the Hungarian winter landscapes and herds. It is as flexible and soft as a puppy's coat.

Puli The Komondor is a very close relative to the puli herding dogs. They are also a Hungarian breed. They shed very little. They have thinner, rope-like cords. These are naturally formed when the outer and inner coats become intertwined. To protect the herd, Pulis can be paired with Komondors.

Pekingese The ultimate lapdog is the Pekingese. For many centuries, the Peke was loved by Chinese royalty. They loved to touch and hold their fine fur. Legend has it that the penalty for stealing a small dog was death or torture.