13 Most Popular Cat Breeds in the U.S

Ragdoll The Ragdoll cat breed is beloved by many. The Ragdoll cat breed is beloved. The Ragdoll cat breed is very popular.

Persian cat The Persian cat is a top-rated breed by CFA. The CFA has had this breed on its list for nearly 30 years. This breed is highly desired all over the globe, not just in the United States.

Maine Coon The Maine Coon. The Maine Coon is a wild, wild cat beloved for its wild appearance. Males can weigh 18 pounds while females can weight 18 pounds. They are affectionately called "the gentle giants".

Abyssinian  Abyssinians arrived North America in the 1900s due to their arrival from Abyssinia. They look very much like the Egyptian hunting cat in the ancient Egyptian tombs.

Sphynx The well-known purebred Sphynx is the tenth. Due to a genetic mutation, the Sphynx is entirely hairless. It is beautiful both in appearance and presence. It is beloved for its energetic, outgoing personality and willingness to be held in high regard.

British Shorthair The British Shorthair cat breed is the oldest in the world. The British Shorthair cat breed is revered as a deity since ancient times. They have a royal appearance and build. They are large and flexible with thick fur.

American Shorthair Kind, playful, and knock-your-socks-off-cute when they're first born, American Shorthair cats have long been a popular breed in the U.S., regularly making the CFA's list. The American Shorthair is a hunting cat that was originally used to keep rats and mice away from European cargo.

Siamese Siamese cats are very popular today. Siamese cats are an uncommon breed. Siamese cats were first developed in Asia and became famous in Europe, North America, and Asia in 19th century. Siamese cats are able to snuggle together even when they aren't with each other.

Bengal  The Bengal cat is wild. Domesticated cats look very much like wild Bengal cats. It is beautiful and charming. The Bengal Bengal Bengal Bengal is a well-trained pet that makes a wonderful house pet. The Bengal Bengal Bengal is a close-knit pet that can be part of a family.

Birman Although the Birman cat breed isn’t one of the most beloved, it is loved by many. The "Sacred Cat of Birma" is another name for this breed. This breed is well-known for its silky hair and sharp eyes.

Tonkinese The Tonkinese is a crossbreeding Siamese and Burmese cats. The Siamese medium-sized cat breed, the Tonkinese, is very similar to them. They are energetic and lively. They love being around you and are affectionate.

Cornish Rex Most cat breeds have one of three hair types: down, guard and awn. Only the Cornish Rex has hair down. The fine hair can be dyed in a variety of colors including black, blue and chocolate.

Russian Blue The Russian Blue cat has green eyes and is alert. It has silvery-gray fur. Russian Blue cats are originally Arkhangelsk, Russia. This cat is loved by cat-owners for its gentle, calm, and docile nature. They are friendly and playful, and get along well with their family members.