13 Reasons Why Cats Are the Best Pet You Could Own

Say Goodbye to Allergie It's not about you. If you are pregnant or have children, it can be beneficial to them. The National Institute of Health (NIH), recommends pet hair should be avoided along with common allergies like ragweed and dust mites.

They'll Make You Smarter No, seriously. Carroll University, Waukesha (Wisconsin) conducted a study that also included dog-lovers. Cat owners scored higher in intelligence than dog owners.

They'll Keep Your House Pest-Free Do not be deceived by fluffy, fluffy fur. Predators are cats. Even though cats are domesticated, they can hunt mice.

They Can Hear and Smell — While They're Sleeping Cats can be awake even though they sleep a lot. Even when they are asleep, cats can still sense and smell objects to attack pests quickly.

You Know They Are Low Maintenance Whiskers don't make Fido. If they have water, older cats can be left alone up to two days. Consult your vet before you do anything.

They're Very Photogenic Do we really need more? Cats can be quite funny with their expressive eyes and large eyes.

They Have Playful Mood Have you ever wondered why cats love to play? Playing with cats is thought to give them a lot of energy.

They Don't Make You Feel Bad When You Leave Them It can be difficult to not feel guilty about leaving your pet home while you work. Your cat will be happier if they have their own space. If bored, cats can sleep up to 15 hours.

They’re Clearly the Most Intelligent House Pet  It is amazing to see the intelligence and intelligence of cats. Animal Planet claims that cats are smarter and more intelligent than we realize. Cats are also able to learn new things every day.

They’re (Supposedly) Better for the Environment Cats don’t eat nearly as much meat as dogs. Cats have a smaller carbon footprint because they don't eat as much meat as dogs. Sustainability experts say cats have a carbon footprint similar to cars.

They Can Live for a Long Time The hardest thing about this world is losing a pet. The average domestic cat will live about 15 years.

They're Just Adorable It's not necessary to say it, but it is true. Cats are cute.

They’re Actually Good for Your Health  Research has shown that cats can lower blood pressure and reduce your chance of suffering from a heart attack. It's amazing how adorable cats can help you stay healthy.