14 Best Black-and-Tan Dog Breeds

Black and Tan Coonhound Black-and-tan coonhounds, one of six breeds of coonhound, are friendly and open to new people. Apart from hunting they have other remarkable skills like the ability to howl.

German Shepherd A German shepherd is a great choice for law enforcement dogs or service animals because of its intelligence and athleticism. German shepherds make great family pets, provided you are able to live with their abundant shedding.

Dachshund A dachshund's low-to-the ground appearance often includes a black-and tan coat. The dachshund is a popular breed known for its energy, love, and spunky personality. Their coat sheds moderately.

Rottweiler Rottweilers are a large, muscular black-and-tan breed of dog. However, their sweet spirit goes against their reputation as tough dogs. Rotties are a loving and affectionate dog that is great for children and can be found in both family homes or with law enforcement officers.

Doberman Pinscher Doberman pinschers are a loyal and affectionate dog breed. Although it can be trained to guard dogs due to its protective nature, the Doberman pinscher is a gentle dog. It sheds moderately and has a sleek Doberman hair that is easy to maintain.

Miniature Pinscher Although it looks like a miniature Doberman, the miniature Pinscher is not a descendant of that breed. Its history actually predates the Doberman. The strength and athleticism of miniature pinschers and Dobermans are shared, as well as their black-and tan coats.

Airedale Terrier These wire-haired dogs are sometimes called the King of Terriers. However, their origins lie with working-class farmers in northern England and factory workers. Airedale terriers can be a mix of many breeds. They are intelligent, stubborn, and have a big personality, which often makes them the center of attention.

Jagdterrier The Airedale's love for work and play is shared by the Jagdterrier, or "yackterrier" as it's pronounced. This breed is socially adept and easy to train. However, it's a great pet for family life.

Australian Kelpie The appearance and temperament of Kelpies is a mixture between an border collie or an Australian cattledog. However, they are usually smaller than either. They are gentle and energetic, and love to play and run.

Russian Toy These tiny puppies give Chihuahuas a run in the size department. Russian toys are difficult to find in the U.S., and were not well-known outside of Russia until recently. These tiny pups shed very little.

English Toy Terrier This small, black-and-tan breed of dog is well-known for its rat hunting skills. However, it will also hunt any smaller animal. This means that it is not recommended for small pets. Despite its low maintenance, this dog can be very easy to groom.

Beauceron The Beauceron, the largest French sheepdog breed, is a large and well-known one. It has been herding sheep in France for many years. These dogs are intelligent, affectionate, and energetic. They require lots of mental stimulation and physical stimulation.

Appenzeller Sennenhund Appenzeller's Sennenhund is straight from the Swiss Alps. It was bred to do farm work, including pulling carts and herding animals. These dogs can be tricolored, but they are still dominated by black and tan.

Lancashire Heeler Despite their small stature, Lancashire heelers can be fierce and lively. They are originally from the U.K. and you won't see them often in the U.S. Although they are affectionate with their family, they can be cautious around strangers.