15 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Golden Retrievers  Golden Retrievers have become one of the most loved breeds. This is partly due to their affectionate personalities. They are loyal and loving dogs that are easy to train. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgi  Small house dogs can act like they have something to prove. With their aggressive behavior and annoying antics, Chihuahuas are often just as bad as they are cute. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi doesn't hide any demons. They are very sweet and affectionate dogs. However, they are not pushy or needy. 

Pugs  Many prominent people have loved pugs for a long time, including royalty. These adorable dogs were beloved by the Chinese emperors. They were made the mascot of Holland's royal House of Orange. Pugs are small but strong and pack a lot personality into their tiny bodies. Pugs are the type of dog that wants to be part their owner's activities. You will find that Pugs are affectionate and love to be given it. 

Boxer  Boxers are muscular and sleek, making them a great package. Boxers are the 11 most loved breed in America. There are many reasons why. Boxers are known for their loyalty and hard work ethic. Anyone who has ever owned one knows they are one of the most affectionate and loving breeds. 

Collie  These dogs are loved deeply by many because of their fierce devotion to their owners. They are one of the most loyal breeds, and their bond with their owners is deep. This can be demonstrated in their affectionate behavior as well as their supreme loyalty. 

Great Dane  Great Danes can be described as gentle giants. They are the largest dogs in the world but they also make the best sweethearts. Great Danes are known for their love and kindness. They are the world's largest lap dogs and will curl up in any lap that is too small. 

Pomeranian  Pomeranians, long loved by the royals and one of America's most beloved breeds, are intelligent and alert dogs. Although they are easy to train and make excellent pets, Pomeranians have a lot of personality packed into their tiny bodies. They are loyal and loving dogs who will never leave their owners. If you see someone carrying a small Pomeranian in their purse it is often a small toy Pomeranian. 

Shih Tzu  The Shih Tzu breed is well-known for its affectionate, outgoing personality. These playful dogs will show their affection for their owners with no hesitation. They are lap dogs by nature and love to cuddle up with their families. Shih Tzus are small in stature, but big in personality. They have been known as "lion dogs" for centuries. 

Bulldogs  Although the Bulldog's sour face might not seem inviting, if you have ever seen one, you will know that there are no better Bulldogs in the world. They are muscular and compact with cute faces that are surrounded by loose skin folds. They are close to their family and will bond with them. 

Chihuahua  Chihuahuas are ankle-biters. Small dog syndrome is a condition in which they act larger than their bodies. These dogs have a completely different temperament when they are with their families. They are affectionate and loving and will go with you wherever you go. 

Bichon Frise  Bichon Frise dogs look a lot like sheep because of their curly, puffy white coats. Their charm and wit make them great companions. They will have you smiling with their endless antics. They are hypoallergenic despite their sheep-like appearance. They get along well with almost everyone and are very affectionate with their owners. 

Pit Bulls  Pit Bulls are considered a restricted breed in many areas. Pit Bulls are not allowed on apartment buildings or landlords' premises because they can be aggressive. Pit Bulls are the most loving and affectionate breed of dog. Pit Bulls are always looking for love and attention from their families. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the 18th most loved pooch in America. His soft expression makes him a beloved pet. They are small and average around 15 pounds in weight. Their gentle temperament and easygoing personality make them a popular choice. These dogs are athletic and graceful and can adapt to your life. 

Newfoundland  Newfoundlands can be as large as 150 pounds. These dogs, despite their large stature, are sweet and gentle. Because they are so great with children, these dogs have earned the title of "nanny dog". The breed is known for being gentle and majestic. They are easy to train, and they show unwavering loyalty to their families. 

Labradoodle  Labrador Retrievers have become the most popular breed in America. Poodles are also a very smart breed. Combine them and you have a wonderful companion pet with hypoallergenic hair. Their super-affectionate nature, which is always looking for a cuddle and not wanting to lay its head on the ground, has made them very popular.