The 15 Must-Know Types of Jellyfish The largest jellyfish species is the lion's-mane jellyfish.

Jellyfish that are upside-down behave differently to other jellyfish.

Moon jellyfish is one of the most popular jellyfish. They can be found in all oceans, except the Arctic Ocean.

The Nomura jellyfish can reach six feet in diameter (1.82m) and weighs over 400 pounds (181.43kg).

Deep red jellyfish can be found in deep Arctic Sea waters, at least 3,000 feet (914.4 meters) below the surface.

The transparent four-handed box jellyfish can be seen from all side

The jellyfish known as the sea wasp is found along the coasts of Australia and Southeast Asia.

The immortal jellyfish measures less than a pinky nail and has a transparent bell with a red stomach.

Mangrove box jellyfish can be found in Central America's coastal mangrove forests.

From the Bering Sea to Southern California, crystal jellyfish can be found in the Pacific Ocean.

It has been shown that black sea nettles can provide food and protection to Pacific butterfish

Named after the distinctive yellow circular in the middle of the bell, the fried egg jellyfish is named.

Atolla jellyfish can be found in deepest oceans all over the globe.

Subtropical oceans around the globe are home to crown jellyfish and cauliflower jellyfish.

The white-spotted jellyfish can be found in the tropical waters of western Pacific Ocean.