15 Quiet Dog Breeds That Rarely Bark

Bernese Mountain Dog These gentle giants were originally bred to work on Swiss farms. They are now able to get along with young families because of their calm nature. However, they can be attached to one person and will often play favorites.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Toy dogs are quiet, friendly, and adorable. They rarely even make a sound.

French Bulldog Frenchies are another happy apartment dweller. They don't require much exercise, other than walking briskly. Their squished noses make them thrive in cool climates that allow for plenty of relaxation. They don't bark, but their playful nature isn't expressed in barking.

Bulldog The English version is the same. Because they are content to continue snoozing on their sofas, the beefier dogs won't be as vocal. It's not easy to get them to wake up for anything.

Basenji Basenjis are known as "barkless dogs" due to their lack of noise. However, they can still make a lot of noise. The hounds can make strange sounds that are similar to yodels when they speak up.

Borzoi They are described by the American Kennel Club as "quiet, catlike," but their elegant borzois stand apart in many ways. Greyhound-like dogs can sprint up to 40 miles an hour, so it's best to keep them on the leash until they are well trained.

Scottish Deerhound A Scottish Deerhound is almost 3 feet tall at the shoulder. However, the tall dog makes up for this with a gentle and dignified personality. They have a middle-of the-road energy level that allows them to enjoy a good gallop outside, followed by a long nap.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Wheatens can bark when needed, but they are known for their "Wheaten greetin", a friendly hello that involves lots of jumping and enthusiastic greetings. They are very chill, and make guests feel welcomed.

Shiba Inu Although they are most well-known for their role in the doge meme, Shibas will not be saying "much WOW" anytime soon. The canines are quiet, except for the occasional "much wow" adata-vars-ga outbound-link="https://myfirstshiba.com/what is-a Shiba Inu-scream Shiba Scream. "

Australian Shepherd Aussies are active and sharp-eyed, which is why they were named Aussies. Although the herders will notify their owners if they feel something is wrong or need their attention, they are unlikely to bark at anything in particular.

Irish Setter These gorgeous red-coated setters, which are hunting dogs and not guard dogs, have beautiful vocalizations. If you adopt one, they will only use their voice to track down their prey. They are bred to be productive and have lots of energy. However, they also have sweet natures.

Shih Tzu Although small breeds are often regarded as being happy, this is not the case everywhere. Although the mostly silent Shih Tzu was once a part of Chinese royalty, they are more than happy to be the kings and queens of your humble home. They are great roommates because they have more than a thousand years of experience as companions.

Glen of Imaal Terrier This gentler breed is perfect for those who love terriers and their spunk, but need a bit less excitation. Glens have the same strong spirit as their category but are a little more calm and quiet than some of their more energetic brethren.

Saluki They may be somewhat independent (i.e. They can be independent (i.e. They are quick and agile, and can run at high speeds. Their loyalty to their owners is one of their best qualities. They will give their best when you give them plenty of guidance and exercise.

Rhodesian Ridgeback These "African Lion Dogs", also known as African Lion Dogs, are highly praised for their calm demeanours, athleticism, and affectionate natures. They are easily identifiable by the distinctive ridge that runs along their spine. This is because the hair grows in an opposite direction to the rest of their fur.