15 Top Cat Breeds With Big Eyes

Cornish Rex The Cornish rex is often a top choice for hypoallergenic and curly-coated cat breeds. This time it's because of its captivating gaze. Cornish rex's triangle-shaped head lends itself to its large, oval-shaped eyes. 

Devon Rex The curly hair of the Devon rex is similar to that of the Cornish rex. This breed has unusually large oval-shaped eyes. These cats are svelte and have large, triangular ears. A Devon rex can have any eye color, but cats with mink-colored hair will often have aqua eyes. Cats with colorpoint hair often have beautiful blue eyes. 

Singapura The curly hair of the Devon rex is similar to that of the Cornish rex. This breed has unusually large oval-shaped eyes. A Devon rex can have any eye color, but cats with mink-colored hair will often have aqua eyes. 

Sphynx The sphynx is well-known for its hairless skin. However, it is also known for its captivating gaze and almost human-like expressions. Perhaps it is the absence of facial fur but the large, uniquely-shaped eyes that draw people to the sphynx are irresistible. 

Persian  The Persian's flat, round face is likely why the Persian cat breed has large, round eyes. The Persians' brightly colored, green or copper peepers are a striking contrast to their fluffy, long coats. It is possible to have odd-eyes, heterochromia, or one blue and one copper. 

Scottish Fold The Scottish fold's most distinctive feature is its ears. They appear to fold inward and lie flat against the head. The Scottish fold's large, round eyes give these cats an adorable look. The four eye colors of the Scottish fold are green, gold, copper and blue. They are particularly well-rounded. The eyes are separated by the broad nose at the middle of the face. 

Burmese  The Burmese cat we know today is a result of a cross between the Siamese and the native copper cat from Burma (Myanmar). Burmese cats can trace their origins back to Wong Mau, a Burma cat named Wong. All Burmese cats have large, round eyes that glow green or shine gold. 

Tonkinese You may find it difficult to look away when you gaze into the eyes of a Tonkinese cat. These cats are large and round with exotic eye colors such as aqua, sky, violet, gold, and even gold. This breed is a cross of the Siamese and Burmese. They have beautiful coat colors and diverse genes. This heritage has given the Tonkinese large, bright, and unique-looking eyes. 

Russian Blue Another top-rated cat breed is the beautiful Russian blue. This cat breed has a triangular-shaped head and wide-set, round eyes. They are always watching you, except when they're asleep. The most striking thing about this cat breed's eyes are the yellow eyes that all kittens have. The eyes of this large-eyed cat will gradually change to green as they mature. 

British Shorthair The eyes of the British Shorthair cat breed are almost all round. These cats have well-open eyes and large, round eyes. The breed is often photographed with a beautiful blue coat and gorgeous gold eyes. However, there are many other colors and colors that can be used for the eyes and coat, such as green, blue and copper. 

Abyssinian The Abyssinian is an exotic-looking cat for many reasons, not the least of which is its large and expressive eyes. Interestingly, these cats have somewhat almond-shaped eyes that are fairly unique in the feline world. This cat's peepers have a distinctive angled corner and aren’t the typical round shape of many large-eyed cat breeds. 

Chartreux Chartreux cats are a breed of cat with round eyes and expressive eyes. The Chartreux cat is a national treasure in France. It has a blue-gray, uniformly trimmed coat and eyes that range from copper to gold. A deep orange color is the best choice for eyes, as it complements the Chartreux blue coat. 

Ocicat The ocicat is unique in its leopard-like appearance. It has large, almond-shaped eyes. They are slightly wider than average and angle up in the corner. According to breed guidelines, they should not be less than an eye's width in between each eye. Ocicats are a mix of genes.

Ragamuffin  The ragamuffin, a long-haired breed, has expressive eyes and can be found in all colors. Sometimes they are confused with the ragdoll. The ragamuffin is characterized by its walnut-shaped eyes and distinctive scooped nose. The nose of the ragdoll is not scooped but sloped. 

Japanese Bobtail  Although the Japanese bobtail is best known for its short, bobbed tails, their eyes are large and round. They also come in a wide range of colors. This breed is known for having heterochromia, or odd-eye colors. Heterochromia is accepted in the breed standard.