They have 26 baby teeth, or deciduous teeth, as kittens. They have 30 permanent teeth as adult cats. You should take good care of your pearly whites by regular dental hygiene. 

With tigers, house cats share 95.6% their genetic makeup. Yes, TIGERS. They share many of the same behaviors, including prey stalking and scent and urine marking. 

Cats can leap up to five times their height. That's quite impressive! 

A housecat can run at 30 mph for short distances. A cat can run faster than Usain Bolt over a distance of 200 meters. 

Have you ever wondered why your cat would place their back against your face so often? It is a sign that your cat trusts you and signals that they feel secure and safe around you. 

Cats may have a dominant front foot. Studies show that male cats prefer their left paw, while female cats might have a dominant right. 

The average cat has 18 toes. There are five on the front and four on the back. Some cats may be born with additional toes. This is called polydactylism. 

A cat called Creme Puff, who was 38 years old and 3 days long, was the oldest cat to ever live. Creme Puff lived with her owner from August 3, 1967 to August 5, 2005 in Austin, Texas. 

Each of the 32 muscles found in the ears of cats allow them to move their ears around to pinpoint the source of the noise. Cats can also rotate their ears 180 degrees! 

Although cats are not nearsighted, their peripheral vision and night vision is superior to those of humans. 

Cat whiskers are more than cute. They help cats get around at night, especially when they're tired. Cat whiskers can be found embedded in the body of a cat and act as touch receptors or a "kitty radar". Whiskers enable a cat's ability to sense and react to changes in the environment. 

Cats have whiskers on their faces, and a set of whiskers at the back of their front legs. 

Blackie was the richest cat in the world. He had a fortune worth PS7 million or $12.5million in US dollars. Blackie's millionaire owner died in 2012 and he refused to name any family members. Instead, he left his huge fortune to the last remaining cat. That's one lucky feline! 

Around 9,500 years ago, the oldest pet cat was discovered. A French archeologist discovered a grave in Cyprus of a cat. This means that cats have been pets for humans since 9500 years ago. 

As young as four to six months old, a female cat can become pregnant. This is the ideal time to spay or neuter your cat and prevent unexpected litters. 

Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the United States) loved cats so much that he would spend hours playing with them. Lincoln had several cats while he was at the White House. 

A litter is a group of kittens, but they can also be called "kindle" or "pack". 

Cats typically sleep for around 15 hours per day. A cat will spend approximately 70% of their life sleeping. It must be wonderful to be a cat! 

Disneyland Resort in Anaheim CA is known for being the "Happiest Place On Earth", but it also houses a squad of feral cats who freely roam the park. The Disneyland Resort has been home to feral cats for many decades. They are used (ironically) to control rodent populations within the park. Mickey Mouse needs to be careful! 

Ancient Egypt saw members of a family shave their eyebrows to mourn the loss of their cat. Sometimes, cats were mummified with their owners and placed in tombs.