21 Best Hypoallergenic Dogs 

Barbet Barbet is a French water dog of medium size. This hypoallergenic dog has curly, woolly fur that doesn't shed or drool. It is also hypoallergenic. Barbet is a smart, energetic and sporty dog who loves water. 

Portuguese Water Dog Portuguese water dogs are medium-sized water dogs, and they are also called Portie. This dog is hypoallergenic and playful. They are intelligent, loyal, and devoted.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier   The Soft-coated wheaten Terrier, which is medium in size, comes from the terrier breed of dogs. It was bred in Ireland. This dog is intelligent and tough and was originally used to herd livestock.

Poodle From France and Germany, the poodle is the most well-known water dog. The poodle is intelligent, easy to train, and hypoallergenic. There are many varieties. The poodle makes a great family pet and is good with strangers, children and pets.

Yorkshire Terrier The Yorkshire Terrier, also known as Yorkie, is one of the smallest breeds of terrier dogs. It was developed in Yorkshire, England, in the 19th century. The Yorkshire Terrier is an energetic, active and lively dog. It sheds very little so it makes a great pet for allergy sufferers.

The Lagotto Romagnolo Lagotto Romagnolo, a medium-sized hypoallergenic dog from the working dog category, is from the Romagna region of Italy. It was originally bred to retrieve water and hunt truffles on any ground. It is an agile, intelligent, quick-learning, and athletic dog who loves to run and swim.

Bouvier Des Flandre The Bouvier des Flandres breed is a large-sized, Belgian herding dog. The Bouvier des Flandres is a calm, gentle, and docile dog that's easy to train. It was originally bred to herd cattle in the early 1900s. The Bouvier des Flandres is hypoallergenic and has dense, double-coated shaggy fur.

Irish Water Spaniel The Irish Water Spaniel is a small-to-medium-sized dog of water dog breed, that was bred to retrieve waterfowl for hunters, also known as Shannon Spaniel, Rat Tail Spaniel, Whiptail Spaniel. The double-coated, water-repellent curly hair is non-shedding and makes it a great pet for allergy sufferers.

Maltese The Maltese, a small dog of the toy breed, was originally from south-central Europe. The Maltese is an intelligent, energetic, loyal, and athletic dog. It is a great family pet, and can also be used as a therapy dog. Maltese can be a great companion for children and apartment living. They shed very little, making them hypoallergenic.

Coton de Tulear The Coton de Tulear, a small-sized, Madagascar-native dog, is recently recognized by the AKC as well as most major kennel clubs. Coton de Tulear is an intelligent, playful, and active dog. However, they need to be socialized early. A well-trained Coton De Tulear is a great family companion and apartment dog. It's also hypoallergenic, meaning it doesn't shed much or very little.

Bedlington Terrier The Bedlington Terrier, a small-sized breed of dog, is native to Northumberland, North East England. This dog was originally bred to hunt vermin, and take part in dog racing. The Rothbury Terrier or Rodbury Terrier is another name for this dog. It can swim well and is comparable to water dogs. The Bedlington Terrier is a companion for those with allergies and doesn't shed.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever The Chesapeake Bay Retriever, a large-sized waterdog native to America, is the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. It was originally bred to retrieve and hunt ducks in Maryland's Chesapeake Bay area. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever, an active, athletic, and playful dog, has a waterproof coat that makes it hypoallergenic.

Komondor The Komondor, a large-sized, herding dog that is part of the group of dogs known as dogs for herding, was once used to guard flocks. It is also known by its Hungarian name, the Hungarian sheepdog. Komondor is reserved, calm, independent, and courageous dog with long wooly fur. Komondor dogs are hypoallergenic and don't shed.

Old English Sheepdog The Old English Sheepdog, an English breed, is large and a herding dog. This dog is athletic, strong, and protective. It has a shaggy, long-haired coat that sheds very little, or none at all. The Old English Sheepdog is a great companion dog and hypoallergenic.

Bearded Collie Beardie, also known as the Bearded Collie or Beardie is one of the oldest breeds used for herding sheep and cattle by Scottish shepherds. The Bearded Collie is a playful, energetic, loyal, and obedient dog. It has a shaggy, flat, rough coat that doesn't shed and is lively and playful.

Baan Gaddi Dog Ban Gaddi, a medium-sized to large dog of Indian descent, was originally bred to protect sheep in the Himalayan mountains. Ban Gaddi dogs are active, healthy, protective, and athletic. They make a great watchdog. They are suitable for living in the Himalayan area due to their thick, double-coated hair. Also, they don't shed, making them hypoallergenic.

Jonangi Dog Jonangi, a medium-sized Indian breed dog, is classified under the hairless category. These dogs were originally bred to herd ducks and livestock. They are also excellent swimmers and bark very little. Jonangi is a non-shedding, hairless dog.

Saluki Saluki are a slim, athletic, muscular dog that is tall and lean. They were bred from sighthounds and used as guard dogs and hunting dogs for desert people. The Saluki is a great runner and was used in dog racing. They have dense, short double coats that don't shed.

Greyhound Greyhounds, also known as English greyhounds, are small, medium-sized dogs that can run at speeds of up to ten miles per hour. Greyhounds are a reserved and reserved family dog. Their double-layered, thick, and short hair doesn't shed.

Basenji Basenji is a small-to-medium-sized hunting dog, originated in central Africa. Basenji is an ancient breed of dog that was used to hunt by the Egyptian tribes. They are healthy and free of disease. Their hair is short, thick, and sheds little to no.