7 Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone

 Basset Hound

 Basset Hound The Basset Hound is a medium-sized breed that's great for apartments. Basset Hounds love to run around and use their noses, but they are very active during the day. Your dog will likely sleep most of the time if you get a basset but have to go to work. 


 Basset Hound The Chihuahua makes a small but very intelligent dog. If they are left alone, they will be fine. The Chihuahua can be a good choice if you are looking for a more active dog. You should make sure that your Chihuahua has a companion during the day. They are great in pairs. 

French Bulldog

 Basset Hound Dogs need you to be there for them as soon as they get home. Dogs who are left home need to be active during the day. This is the most important consideration. French Bulldogs are one of those dogs who need your attention and companionship, but don't require a lot of exercise or long runs. Your Frenchie may choose to nap if there is nothing else to do. 


Greyhound Are you a working dog owner looking for a large-sized dog? Greyhounds are a wonderful choice. Greyhounds are great for apartments because they can be couch potatoes and sleep most of the time. Greyhounds are often retired racing dogs and are used to being crated for up to 20 hours per day. They will be fine being left alone during the day. 


Maltese This lazy little dog will sleep on the couch most of the day while waiting for their family to return home. The Maltese will not cause damage to your home due to boredom, and it won't require you to take long walks as some breeds. 

Shar Pei

Shar Pei One of the most unique dog breeds, the Shar Pei is ideal for someone who works long hours. The Shar Pei is a medium-sized Chinese dog. They were once used as a fighting and hunting dog. However, they are very inactive. Shar Peis need to be socialized well, but they are good guard dogs and family pets. 


Whippet The medium-sized dog can be a good fit for apartments because they are clean and sleep a lot. They need to be comfortable and have a place to rest.