Cats - You probably know that cats love to use the bathroom. Is your cat a follower when you go to the bathroom? Maybe it rubs your legs when you're in there. Perhaps it hops on the counter and likes to sit in the sink, even when you aren't there. You might hear it meow and see it paw at the door. Some cats are more interested in you when you're in the bathroom than when you're anywhere else in your house. 

What is it about the bathroom that cats seem to love so much? 

A Bathroom Is a Great Place to Play Some cats may find bathrooms to be playrooms. You have a bathtub to use and rolls of toilet paper to roll around in. You might find towels or robes hanging from the walls. You might find them able to roll on the floor or play with the bathmat or rug. A cat can have lots of fun in the bathroom regardless of whether you are there. 

Closed Doors Pique Curiosity Closed doors are something cats can't stand. Bathroom doors are no exception. Your cat could become agitated if you close the bathroom door while your cat is on the other side. Some cats learn over time that it is more likely that you will close the bathroom door. They want to be there so they don't miss out. 

It's a Great Time to Get Attention Cats are fond of attention, provided it is on their terms. Let's face the facts, a cat that rubs all over your legs while you're on the toilet is not going to be a good pet. It seems that the cat knows you have been "trapped" for at least a while and it will be easy to get your attention. 

Sinks Are Like Cat Bed Consider the shape of the sink. The sink's rounded sides are designed to snuggle the feline's body. A cat will love to sink into a comfortable place to relax and sleep. 

A Bathroom Is a Great Place to Play Most cats don't like being wet but many cats love to be near water. A cat can get fresh water from either the tub or sink in the bathroom. Cats love fresh running water.  

Cats Enjoy Routine Your cat may become used to visiting you in the toilet. If you have a meal, your cat might be looking forward to it.

Your Cat Loves You Your cat is your favorite human, and the bathroom is filled with all of their favorite smells! Your cat may think you spend time in there doing important tasks. You might be a bit curious about your cat's fascination with all the small things you do there. 

Bathroom time could be a very useful feline bondingtime!