7 Things People Do That Cats Don't Like

Cats Hate Feeling Lonely Contrary to popular belief cats can be left alone. Although you can leave your cat alone for more time than you would with a dog, kitties still need attention and companionship just like any other furry friend or human. It can become anxious and depressed if left alone for too long. 

Cats Hate Dirty Litter Boxes It's pretty gross to use a dirty toilet in public, or at home. Cats feel the same about dirty litter. You should clean your cat's litter box every day or every other day depending on how many cats you have and how they use it. Do you not want to have to scoop cat poop every day? You might consider investing in a self-cleaning litterbox.

Cats Hate Spoiled Food A big bowl of spoiled food is something you probably wouldn't like to eat. And surprise! Raw or spoiled food can not only taste bad but can also make your cat sick. 

Cats Hate Yucky Medicine If you feel miserable, the last thing that you want is to down some nasty-tasting medicine. The same goes for your cat. Many cats will spit out medication if they are taking it. 

Cats Hate Overly Aggressive Petting You will know the limits of what your cat will allow you to pet. If you touch the wrong area, it may hiss, scratch or bite. You need to pay attention to what you are doing to your cat. 

Cats Hate Competition From Other Cats Cats can be jealous of each other , whether they are fighting over food, toys, or attention. In some cases, this can lead to aggression or misdirected aggression, depending on the situation. 

Cats Hate Loud Noise A lot of noise and commotion can cause stress to your cat, from thunderstorms to arguments to fireworks. Chronic stress from loud noises can lead to a host of behavioral and health problems, such as skittishness, aggression or depression, hair loss, over-grooming , and other issues. 

What's your cat Don't Like?