8 Best Birds for Apartment Living

Budgerigar A budgie (or parakeet) is a good alternative to a hookedbill. Although they chatter all day, these small birds aren't noisy enough to bother neighbors. They are also relatively active and don't need the large enclosures that larger parrots require. 

Canary Canaries are small and easy to handle, making them great companions for apartment dwellers. Although they can be quite vocal, their small voices are almost unnoticed by anyone who isn't right next to them. Canaries are small but can cause a lot of trouble.

Finch Finches, like canaries and vultures, are often a difficult pet because of their small size and skittish nature. Finches can also be heard vocalizing throughout the day. However, their small voices are not as clear as larger birds. They do best when they are kept in small groups. Additionally, finches require large enclosures as this is often their only space for exercise.

Cockatiel Cockatiels may take up more space than other smaller species, but their calls and chirps are rarely loud enough to bother neighbors. Cockatiels are very expressive and have amazing ability to learn how to whistle. They are adaptable to all kinds of living conditions and can co-exist well with other birds.

Parrotlet Tiny parrotlets are unable to screech as well as other parrots. Even the most picky neighbors will not be disturbed by their soft chirps. These birds are playful and active. They can fly, swing, and hop all day long with the energy of a toddler. They don't need the same space as larger birds to exercise.

Pionus Parrot You can get a bigger bird by choosing members of the pionus family such as the blue-headed or bronze winged pionus. They are well-known for their quiet nature and gentle nature. They are gentle and easygoing birds and don't bite. They do require a large enclosure in order to be able to handle their size and space for outside play.

Bourke's Parakeet Born in Australia, Bourke’s parakeets tend to be quiet and mellow birds. Although they are only moderately active, they enjoy a large space where they can fly for at most a few hours per day. They often form close bonds with their caregivers and get along well with other peaceful birds like finches.

Senegal Parrot While many parrots can be noisy and demanding, Senegal parrots are calm and peaceful. They often form bonds with one person and thrive when they have daily contact with their family. They require a medium-sized cage, but they should be allowed to roam freely outside for enrichment and exercise.