8 Top Brightly Colored Pet Birds

Sun Conure Sun Conures are a medium-sized bird with a wide range of colors that can be combined into one beautiful bird. They are the best choice for brightly colored pets. Their plumage and tails are unusually violet, which makes them a striking color choice. These animals are difficult to photograph. 

Jenday Conure In terms of personality, color and size, the Jenday Conures come in second place to Sun Conures. Jenday Conures also hail from South America and are often mistaken for Sun Conures. They are full grown adults. They are striking due to their fiery colors.

Rainbow Lorikeet Rainbow Lorikeets, a colorful and beautiful bird, are sure to attract the attention of bird lovers. This little beauty is a native of Australia. They have brush-like structures at the ends their tongues which allow them to consume nectar more easily. This is an important part of their daily food. They can make a wonderful pet and are a joy to have around.

Scarlet-Chested Parakeet Scarlet Chested Parakeets, also called "Splendid Parakeets", are one of many grass parakeet families. These birds are one of the most beautiful small bird species available. They are more difficult than other hookbill species, so they should not be adopted.

Eclectus Parrot Eclectus Parrots are large, beautiful birds that are known for their brilliant colors. Similar to the Scarlet Chested Parakeets Eclectus Parrots you can distinguish males and females by their feather color. These intelligent birds are very popular as pets and are a favourite of bird lovers around the world. They are from Australia.

Scarlet Macaw Macaws are known for their bright colors and ability mimic human speech. Macaws are able to learn simple phrases and can sing short portions of songs.

Rosella Crimson rosellas are parrots that hail from Australia and are known as Crimson Rosellas. While some parrots are more friendly than others, they are less cuddly and not as human-friendly. This bird may not like being petted, but it will sit on your shoulder and be happy to perch. Rosellas can be handled easily by children. They can bite, but it is possible.