9 Amazing Wild Cats You Didn't Know Existed

#9 Fishing Cat   The state animal of West Bengal, India is the Fishing Cat. The name alone dispels any myth that water-loving felines fear it. An olive-to-ashen grey coat with flecked spots, stripes and flecks.

#8 Serval   The slim, spotted Serval is a native of northern African countries like Tunisia and Morocco. It is approximately 2 feet tall, and can grow up to 3 feet in length. The medium-sized cat is different from its bigger brother, the fasty serval.

#7 Sand Cat   The Sand Cat is small and agile, but it is not intimidating. She is an extraordinary survivor.

#6 Caracal   The medium-sized Caracal is an agile and robust hunter that can be found in many habitats. These range from India to North Africa, and many other countries.

#5 Margay   Margay is a smaller version of the ocelot, and is known for its finely spotted fur coats. The Small wild cat that weighs less than 9 pounds lives in safety under the canopy of tropical rainforests in Central and South America.

#4 Clouded Leopard   This unique clouded leopard pattern can be found deep in forests from the Himalayas to Southeast Asia to middle China.

#3 Flat-Headed Cat   The rainforest floor of South Asia is home to a ferret-like creature that is surprisingly feline. This cat is also known as the flat-headed cat. This cat is known for its distinctive skull and narrowly extended nose.

#2 Jaguarundi   A wild cat known as the Jaguarundi slinks through America's wetlands. Its short fur and lean physique make it look like a combination between a sea otter and a cougar. They travel 38.6 miles alone to reach their home territory.

#1 Rusty-Spotted Cat  The Rusty Spotted Cat, which is in danger of extinction, is the world's most diminutive undomesticated feline. Individuals can be as small as 14 inches in length and as small as 2 pounds. It can be found in caves and canopy areas of Nepal and Sri Lanka.