9 Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

What is a Pointed Cat? Pointed cats have dark fur and light extremities. Pointed cats have darker hair than other breeds. Their ears, faces, and tails are darker. Sometimes, their legs or paws are darker.

Balinese Balinese cats are a pointed breed of cat with deep blue eyes. These stunning cats have been created by a spontaneous genetic mutation in Siamese cat breeds. These large, beautiful cats are more than just pretty faces. Balinese cats make great family pets. They are intelligent, playful, affectionate, and curious.

Birman Birman is another attractive pointed breed. The Birman is blue-eyed. Birman is a long-haired cat. It can be found in six different colors. Birman always wears white mittens between his paws. It is unknown if this breed was created from Siamese cats crossing with Burmese cats. Birmans are sweet, playful, and loving.

Himalayan To create the pointed Himalayan, Siamese and Persian cats were bred together. Organizations do not recognize the breed as distinct from the Persian. The Himalayan eye is a bright, blue color. Hair can be coloured in many other colors. Hemmies are affectionate and playful.

Ojos Azules  Ojos Azules is a rare breed. It is a rare breed that means "blue eyes" (Spanish). Ojos Azules is still developing its breed standard. Even though their unique blue color is distinctive, they don't have any pointed or solid coloring. Many litters were produced with some of the most strikingly colored cat breeds.

Persian  Because of their distinctive faces and soft, silky hair, Persians are very well-loved. They are sweet and friendly. White Persians are known for their blue eyes. Persians are calm, gentle, affectionate, and do not demand much. Persians are affectionate and love to cuddle up with their owners. Because of their thick coat, Persians require a strict grooming regimen.

Ragdoll The ragdoll cat is a relaxed and laid-back breed. Because of their bright blue eyes, these cute cats are easy to love. They are often compared to dogs for their intelligence and friendliness. They are known for their ability to perform tricks in exchange for treats. It is important to enrich and provide companionship for social cats at home.

Siamese The Siamese cat is a beloved pet of cat lovers around the world for decades. The Siamese cat is loved for its elegant body and beautiful eyes. Meezers, affectionately known as "Meezers", are intelligent and curious.

Snowshoe Cat The snowshoe cat was created by combining the Siamese with American shorthair. These cats are another pointed breed, with blue eyes. The white mittened paws of these cats look like they have been snowcovered. This is how their name came about. They are intelligent and vocal.