9 Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

Pug Pugs are small and friendly, which is a good thing because they can be so gentle with smaller animals. They are also very affectionate and outgoing, so they will enjoy having someone to talk to when their humans leave. They are also spunky and won't allow the feline to push them around.

Boston Terrier This breed is great for feline friends because of their intelligence and trainability. Although they are small, they have a warm personality and can quickly make friends with other furry pets in your home.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel This breed is adaptable to living with a cat. They are affectionate, sweet and gentle. However, they also have the tendency to be friendly to other animals and not get too involved in your cat's business.

Maltese Because of their exceptional manners and their elegant coif, Maltese have a reputation for being wonderful with cats. They are a great companion but will also give their cats some space when they need it.

Beagle This happy-go lucky breed is able to get along with all furry animals, even cats! Although they may be prone to chasing other small animals, this breed is known for their love of felines.

Shetland Sheepdog The Sheltie, the only breed that is cat-friendly from the herding groups, is intelligent and super-friendly. They will listen to you if you tell them not to chase your cat.

Golden Retriever A golden retriever's sweet, kind personality is difficult to describe. This dog is family-oriented and ready to be part of your family, even if it includes a feline.

Labrador Retriever Another friendly dog that wants to be loved is the Labrador. Labradors! The Labrador!

Poodle (All Sizes) There are three sizes of Poodles: standard, miniature, and toy. All three make great feline companions. All of them react differently to them. Some will play with them, while others may just tolerate their existence. It is crucial to get them together as soon as you can so that their personalities and playfulness are compatible. Your kitty and your poodle will soon become best friends!