Top 9 Monkey Breeds People Keep As Pets

1. Tarsier The Tarsier, a small primate, is as light as 6 ounces in weight and stands just 7 inches high. Because of their curious, large eyes and their tendency to hug branches instead of hanging from them, they are a well-known monkey.

2. Tamarin Tamarins can grow to 32 ounces in weight and up to 12 inches in length. Because they are clean and prefer to use one corner of their enclosure for bathroom, they are a popular choice as pets. 

3. Chimpanzee Chimpanzees are great apes and not monkeys. They are a fascinating species that many people want to keep as pets. They are the most dangerous primate a person could keep as a pet. Chimpanzees can often weigh more than 150 pounds and stand over 5 feet tall. They are extremely powerful when compared to humans. 

4. Squirrel Monkey Squirrel mongoos can grow up to 14 inches high and weigh 2 pounds (or slightly more) as an adult. They require care and attention just like all primates. These animals are intelligent and require a varied diet.

5. Macaque The macaque is another interesting monkey that's often kept as a pet. These fascinating animals have faces that are reminiscent of human beings. It is a popular pet because of its expressiveness and hearty nature.

6. Capuchin The capuchin pet monkey is highly sought after. It combines intelligence and small size with an easy to feed diet. They are also more powerful than their high weight-to strength ratio and height of 9 pounds and 18 inches. 

7. Marmoset Marmosets is a small type of monkey. The common version measures just 7 inches long and weighs in at 9 ounces. These adorable creatures are very cute, but can be loud when they need to be fed. 

8. Spider Monkey Although they sound small, spider monkeys can eat up to 30 pounds and reach over 2 feet in length. They need large enclosures to live in if they are kept as pets. It is not difficult to feed them. They love fleshy fruits. However, their demeanor can be alarming.

9. Guenon Because of its ability to be controlled, the guenon monkey is common in zoos all over the world. They can weigh up to 15 pounds and can grow to 22 inches in height. If they get aggressive, they can be dangerous for humans. They can be very loud and will call out to other people throughout the day.