9 Warning Signs of an Unhappy Dog

Change in Appetite Dogs that are not interested in food may be unhappy. Unhappy dogs might also increase their food intake as it can provide comfort. Any change in the pet's appetite can indicate their mental state. 

Sleeping Too Much or Too Little According to the American Kennel Club, dogs sleep longer than humans, an average of 12 hours per day. If your pet is sleeping more than usual, this could indicate that they are unhappy. 

Not Interested in Their Toy Dogs can lose interest in their usual activities, just like humans. This is a sign that they are not happy. Your dog may be losing interest in their usual toys or not being interested in them lately. This could indicate that they aren't feeling their best emotionally. Dogs can sometimes stop playing, which is normal. However, if it continues for a prolonged period of time, this may be something to consider.

Doesn’t Want to Play or Exercise Sad dogs may lose interest not only in toys, but also other things. It could be that they are feeling low in energy and don't want to go on walks with other dogs. Not all dogs are social and energetic so it is important to notice any changes in their normal behavior.

Hiding or Cowering Dogs may hide around the house if they are unhappy. This avoidant behavior may be an indication that the dog isn't feeling well. They may also try to shrink themselves by hiding behind their backs. They may also use this method to cope with low moods.

Aggression Aggression in dogs can indicate many problems. But did you know that aggression may be a sign of depression? It could indicate that your dog is unhappy if they become aggressive and start to bite, snap, bark or growl at everything that happens.

Excessive Licking or Chewing Dogs may lick or chew their paws as if they are trying to scratch an itch. It's possible they are trying to soothe their own feelings of blue. Dr. Gary Richter, a veterinary expert, says that excessive chewing or licking can be a way for pets to soothe themselves. If your pet is chewing excessively or licking , check for any skin conditions or insect bites.

Constant Pacing Anxiety and depression are closely related. Dogs who are pacing around their house will likely be unhappy and bored. It might be what they are looking for and can give them a huge mood lift.

Being Destructive Being destructive, another type of antsy behavior, is similar to pacing. This can also be an indication that there are emotional issues. It could indicate that they are feeling down if they become more aggressive with toys or other household items than usual. To see if they feel better, increase their exercise and mental stimulation.