Top 13 Adopting the Best Dogs for Families and Kids Straight Away

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  They are the perfect combination of a small toy dog's cuteness and a sports dog's athletic spirit. They are friendly with children and other dogs and they are gentle, sweet, and easy to get along with. With their beautiful, flowing hair and heart-melting expressions, they are a joy for everyone around them. 

Boston Terrier These dogs are people-oriented and weigh less than 25 pounds. They wear low-maintenance "tuxedos," which are lightweight coats. As their name suggests, Boston Terriers are adaptable to apartment living. They will enjoy walking around the block with their children and playing fetch. 

Bernese Mountain Dog  The Bernese Mountain Dog is a great choice if you're looking for a big-thinking family. The Bernese Mountain Dog can be as heavy as 100 pounds but is gentle and sweet. 

Labrador Retriever  They have been loved by people for decades. Labradors get along well with all ages, including children and pets. Labradors are friendly and sweet, and they make great friends with everyone they meet. Their high energy is not to be underestimated. They should be exercising every day to gain as much weight as possible. 

Bulldog  If you prefer a laid-back lifestyle, a loyal bulldog might be the best choice. These gentle dogs are great at sleeping and love to go for walks. Their wrinkled mugs might be attractive to you but they can heat up in hot climates because of their short snouts. 

Golden Retriever  Another American favorite is the Golden Retriever. They are a great family dog and live up to their name. They learn quickly and need lots of exercise. They will be delighted to share their company and laughter with you. 

Cocker Spaniel  The Cocker Spaniel is one of the smallest members of the sporting group. It is the most affectionate and gentlest of all the sporting group members. Cocker Spaniels, although small in size, are active and happy to go on walks. They love to play with their kids and other dogs. 

Pug  In that they love to sleep, pugs are like human beings in that they also love food. You must feed them a healthy diet. They should also get lots of exercise. If you're looking for a companion who can snuggle up with you and watch movies on the couch, then look no further. Although this breed is small at 15 pounds, he doesn't need a lot of space and he loves playing with his children. 

French Bulldog  These dogs are quiet and easy to train, making them great for city dwellers. Their smaller stature and distinctive "bat ears" distinguish them from larger bulldogs. Frenchies are well-known for their playful, alert nature and adaptability. 

Beagle They need the companionship of a beagle. They won't be able to work long hours. Small-sized hounds can be brave escape artists if they are able to smell a compelling scent. 

Brussels Griffon  The Brussels Griffon is among the smallest AKC dog breeds. The Brussels Griffon isn't as strong as the other more robust breeds and can't do much roughhousing. The Brussels Griffon is a wonderful pet for children who are willing to play gently. The Brussels Griffon is intelligent and loyal, and has a lot of personality. 

Bichon Frise  You should not lump them in with small-white dogs. Bichons are "under the assumption that there are no strangers but friends they haven’t yet met," according to AKC. This playful fluffball will suit any family that values friendly and fun-loving behavior. 

Poodle The Poodle is the ultimate custom dog. There are three sizes available: the standard, the mini and the toy. You can also get them in black, white and apricot colors. They are often mistakenly thought of as pity dogs. Their fluffy, hypoallergenic coat proves that they are intelligent and bred to be active. It is not necessary to have a flamboyant and showy style, which was derived from their hunting dog origins. Most owners prefer the sporty cut, which is easier to maintain.