1. Dogs can sense time.  They can tell the difference between an hour and five hours. They can also predict future events if they are trained to do so. 

2. Their sense of smell is at most 40x more than our Dogs have a 40-fold greater brain area that can detect different smells than humans. Your dog is able to pick up more smells than us. Dogs are often trained to detect drugs, people and even money.

3. A two-year-old can be as smart as your dog!  Have you ever wondered why children of this age have a special relationship with their dog? They may be speaking the same language, approximately 250 words and gestures.

4. A study by UCSD suggests that  dogs can be genuinely jealous of other animals who show affection. 

5. Your dog can sense your emotions.  Your dog's senses of smell are approximately 100,000 times more than yours. It shouldn't surprise that dogs can sense fear and other unpleasant smells. Dogs can sense fear and perspire when they are afraid. 

6. Your physical and psychological health can be aided by having a dog to pet.  Studies show that petting a dog for just 15 minutes can reduce blood pressure by 10%. It can also help combat loneliness, stress, and depression. 

7. Dogs can smell and breathe simultaneously Dogs depend heavily on their senses of smell to find food and potential dangers. Dogs' noses are made so that scents can remain in their noses while air can flow in and out of the lungs simultaneously. This allows them to breathe freely and still figure out what it is.

8. Dogs can be taught to detect cancer or other diseases in humans.   Different metabolic waste products are released by cancerous cells than from healthy cells. Dogs might be able detect cancer cells by simply smelling the breath of others.

10. Are you a parent of a dog who experiences separation anxiety.  You might consider giving your dog some clothes you have worn. Your dog will be less anxious if you wear clothing that smells like yours.

10. Your dog will choose the best place for his business  because they want to poop in alignment to the Earth's magnetic fields. 

11. All puppies are born deaf. They can hear four times as well as humans as they age.

12. Dogs don't sweat; instead, they pant to cool.

13. Chocolate may be deadly for dogs because it contains theobromine.  Chocolate can cause toxic buildup in dogs' systems that could lead to death. Dogs are unable to metabolize it. 

14. Dogs' nose prints are unique just like humans' fingerprints. 

15. You can have your dog left-pawed or right-pawed. A few studies have shown that dogs prefer a particular hand (or paw) to lead. To find out if your dog is left-pawed or right-pawed, give them a favorite toy or interactive game. Then see which paw they use first.

16. Their hearing is extremely sensitive, as well as their noses. Dogs can hear higher frequencies than humans, but did you also know that they can hear farther? Dogs can generally hear softer sounds than humans, so they can hear things farther away.