America’s Most Popular Cat Breeds

Domestic Shorthair The Domestic Shorthair is not to be confused with American Shorthair. This is due to their unknown and mixed heritages. The Domestic Shorthair cat was domesticated in Egypt around 2000 BC. It is believed that cats such as this one made their way across the globe to North America. The average life expectancy of Domestic Shorthair cats is 12-14 years. However, some domestic shorthairs have been known live for much longer periods. 

American Shorthair Although American Shorthair cats love to curl up on the couch with their owners, they are also known for being active cats. They are strong, muscular, and alert. They are adaptable to both humans and animals and have a well-rounded temperament. The American Shorthair is likely sociable and independent.

Domestic Longhair Domestic Longhair cats, like Domestic Shorthair cats. They are cats with long hair and unknown ancestry. These cats are very common because most cats aren’t purebreds. They were also brought from Europe by ships, just like their short-haired cousins. 

Maine Coon Maine Coons are large and have thick, lush coats. They are strong, muscular, and regal in their stature. They are distinguished by their large eyes, big paws and high cheekbones.

Siamese Siamese cats are one of the most distinct breeds. They are cream-colored with grey-brown eyes and paws. Siamese are a more pointed breed than most other breeds due to their large ears and delicate paws. Their ears and faces will often be the same grey-brown color. Siamese cats can now be bred in different colors and patterns. 

Russian Blue Russian Blue cats have short, soft hair in a variety of shades of silver and dark grey. Although they may have faint stripes, their coats are otherwise unadorned. Russian Blues are double-coated, which gives them a more luxurious look to their delicate frames. Their face is often yellow-green with a distinctive "smile". 

Ragdoll Ragdoll cats, which are large and fluffy, are a pointed breed. pointed breed cats have a lighter-colored body with darker ears, legs, and tail. Their blue eyes are distinct, despite their differences in color. 

Bengal The Bengal's distinctive characteristic is the marbled coat. However, it is also extremely soft and has a strong physique. Although all Bengal cats are different in personality, they can still be playful and active, even as adults. They require pet parents who can keep them entertained and who can be tolerant of cats who need a stimulating and enriching home. 

Bombay Bombay cats look strikingly like panthers. In the 1950s, they were bred by crossing a domestic shorthair and a Burmese cat. American breeders wanted a cat with the characteristics of a Burmese but with a black hair and copper eyes. In the 1970s, The Cat Fanciers Association recognized the breed. It isn't the most popular, but it has a loyal following. 

Persian Persian cats are tall and have flat faces with slightly scrunched faces. Although this is a characteristic that people love, it can also lead to additional medical care. Their long, soft coats come in many colors including black and white. Although they have some similarities with Maine Coons in physical traits, they are often smaller and weigh between 7-12 pounds.