Animals That Have Sharper Vision Than Humans

10. Dragon Fly Dragon Fly is a small insect species. They have compound eyes which are much effective on their own, the ocelli help the dragonflies to detect and react to motion 3 times faster than the humans.

9. Mantis Shrimp These little creatures, who are neither aquatic mantises nor the shrimps, have possibly the most complex eyesight in the world. Mantis shrimp have compound eyes which can move independently and are 5 times effective than human beings.

8. Chameleon Chameleons have probably the most famous eyesight in the animal kingdom. They can rotate their eyes into 360 degrees and can see different objects at one time. They have 10 times sharper vision than normal people.

7. Goat Goats are the prime targets for many predators, mainly big cats. Their horizontal and almost rectangular pupils give goats a field vision of 330 degrees. It means that they can see virtually their own backs without turning their head. They have a far vision of 12 times more than a man.

6. Prosimians Prosimians, like lemurs, tarsiers, bushbabies and lorises, are distant relatives of apes and humans. They have an extremely big eyes relative to their body size. They have 15 times wide vision than normal humans.

5. Jaguar Big Cats like Tigers, Lions, Jaguars and Leopards have an extremely effective night vision, which helps them to hunt down under the cover of darkness. Especially Jaguars' have 20 times stronger sight than the normal people.

4. Zebra Zebra have a far better vision than any animal in South Africa. Their eyes are able to see an object without colour but they have a good night vision. They can see an object 30 times sharp than a normal person.

3. Hawks Also known as Harpy Eagles, the Hawks weighs less than one kilogram and has small eyes. It can fly with the speed of 180 kmph and can see 50 times better than us, even though it is so small in size.

2. Owls In the animal kingdom, Owls have one of the largest eyes relative to their total body size, and are among the very few nocturnal animals. They rely on their large eyes, which are actually larger than their brains. They can 75 times effective than a human being.

1. Falcons And Eagles Predator birds, such as Eagles and Falcons, have some of the best eyesight in the animal kingdom. Their eyes are forward facing, which gives them excellent binocular vision. They can see their prey like rabbits, rodents or snakes even beyond 5 kilometers from their range. Their eyesight is 90-100 times much more than normal people.