Bizarre Changes in Cat Behaviors That Could Be Truly Worrisome

Aggressive Behavior Changes You can treat aggressive behavior by removing the cause, using medication and behavior supplements, as well as reassuring your cat. 

Changes in Eating Behavior A cat with a high water intake can indicate a serious illness. Although cats need plenty of water, excessive amounts can indicate thyroid disease, kidney disease, diabetes or other health problems.

Hiding Behavior Changes Cats who aren't feeling well or fearful will likely hide. Some people even believe that a cat that runs away by itself might notice that its end is near

Changes in Elimination Behavior Elimination issues are the number one reason cats end up being abandoned, euthanized and put down. Behavior changes in your cat's urination or defecation habits are often due to anxiety or a lack of suitable and clean litter options.

Playing Behavior Changes There are some cats who are more energetic than others and each cat has its own personality. There may be cause for concern if a cat that is normally a spirited one doesn't want to play the way it used to.

Sleeping Behavior Changes If your cat is not feeling well, it might be more likely that they sleep more. You can assume that your cat is simply not feeling well. However, if your cat begins sleeping more than usual, it is a sign that the cat needs to visit your veterinarian.

Grooming Behavior Changes Cats are used to brushing their hair. Cats will brush their hair when they feel relaxed, or if their hair is not in the best shape. A veterinarian should check if a feline stops grooming or decreases self-grooming.

Vocalization Behavior Changes Different vocalization patterns can be used by cats. This doesn't necessarily mean your cat is sick. If your cat is quiet and calm but suddenly starts meowing, you may need to see a vet.

Breath Is Not the Best 85 percent of cats suffer from gum disease by the age of three years. Foul breath is one sign.

Your Cat’s Pupils Do Not Look Right The amount of light that pupils are exposed to changes the pupil's dimension. However, changes that occur suddenly or persist may indicate a more serious medical condition.

Last Words: Anything Drastically Different Your cat is the best friend you have. While there are a few signs that your cat is sick, others can indicate something more serious. However, if they suddenly change their behavior, you will know.