Cats With a Silver Lining -10 of the Best Grey Cat Breeds

American Shorthair Cat The American Shorthair is one of the most popular US cat breeds. However, it can still be a surprise to many people. Its grey tabby variety is especially beautiful. The American Shorthair can be traced back to the 17th Century and the working cats of the first settlers in North America. The Shorthair today is a descendant of the pioneering British Shorthair Cat. It is a tough breed.

Chartreux Cat Chartreux, France's national cat, is a striking feline with long, skinny legs and a muscular frame. The Chartreux is a completely grey cat breed, usually a dark blue-grey color. The Chartreux is a very striking cat, with its bright eyes and smiling face.

Devon Rex The Devon Rex, with its large ears and almond-shaped eyes is an unusual looking cat that is growing in popularity in the US. Although not the largest cat in our grey cat breed guides, the Devon Rex is a large-than-life cat.

Korat The stunning Korat is a rare grey cat breed. The Korat is a Thai breed that comes from Thailand. It has a short, silver-tip grey coat which almost shimmers. This cat is very desirable in America because of its distinctive appearance and emerald-green eyes.

Nebelung Cat The Nebelung is only available in blue-grey. This breed is originally from Germany. It is technically a long-haired variant of the Russian Blue. The name Nebelung in German means "creature of mist", which is a reference to its beautiful, almost hazy gray coat.

Norwegian Forest Cat The Norwegian Forest Cat is a large feline. It's known for its thick, double-layered coat that they used to keep warm in the Norwegian cold. The Norwegian Forest Cat also has a majestic, lion-like neck, yellow eyes and tufty ears, which resemble wild Lynx cats.

Persian Cat The Persian cat is one of the most popular grey cat breeds. It is a charmingly fluffy cat with a distinctively smooshy, 'pug-like" face. The Persian long-haired grey cat, although not the most active cat breed, can grow quite large and be susceptible to many health problems. They are friendly and playful making them a great companion.

Russian Blue Cat Russian Blue is named after its coat color. Their fur can be shimmery silver or dark grey, but it is not necessarily blue.

Scottish Fold Cat The Scottish Fold Cat, with its unique 'folded ears" look that has made it a popular Instagram meme, is one of the most sought-after cats. The breed's origins are much more humble, with the breed being a Scottish farm cat. Susie, the cat at issue, dates back to 1961. She was born with these distinct fold-over ears thanks to a genetic mutation.

Sphynx Cat Sphynx, which is the only cat without hair in our review can still be considered one of the most interesting grey cat breeds. Their skin is a mix of different colors. Grey (or grey skin with fine grey down) is the most popular.