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Many Big Dog Breeds Were Originally Developed To Be Working Dogs, This Means They Do Everything From Hunting Jaguars In South America To Police And Rescue Work

There Are Different Types Of Big Dogs, From The Smallest To The Biggest Yellow Arrow

The St Bernard Is A Massive Dog With A Huge Head And A Deep Chest, It Is 24 To 28 Inches In Height

The Newfoundland Is Between 26 And 28 Inches High At The Shoulder

6Neapolitan Mastiff The Dog Stands Between 26 And 29 Inches High At The Shoulder And It Doesn'T Mind Living In An Apartment But Needs Lots Of Exercises

The Mastiff Is Between 175 And 190 Pounds And Has A Big Head With A Deep Chest And Legs That Are Strong And Straight

Theleonberger Is A Large Dog With A High Shoulder And Weighs Between 75 And 120 Pounds

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There Are More Types Of Herding Dogs