Here are 10 interesting facts about the Lab that you may not have known.

A noble ancestry The Labrador Retriever's ancestors are the now-extinct St John's Water Dog. They were an old breed that was common in Newfoundland, Canada. Fishermen used them to retrieve nets, ropes and fish from the North Atlantic. Modern Labs can still use this skill to retrieve sticks from the ocean, a skill that is still in their DNA.

A record breaker Labrador Retrievers live on average for between 10-12 years. However, some dogs have lived longer. Adjutant, the oldest Labrador Retriever ever recorded, died in the UK at the age 27 years and 98. Only four dogs ever lived to the age of 98 days.

The first Labrador In the 1830s, the first Labrador Retriever was born in Britain. This happened when St John's Water Dogs arrived on ships trading between Canada and Poole. To create the new breed, several members of the nobility including the Earl, Malmesbury, and the Duke of Buccleuch bred them together with hunting dogs.

A real lifesaver Labradors are so sensitive to smell that they can tell when blood sugar levels have dropped and can warn of a diabetes episode. Armstrong was the first dog to detect hypoglycemia. He was trained to sense chemical changes in hypoglycemia.

Designed to swim Labrador Retrievers have amazing swimming skills. They have webbed feet that are perfect for propelling them through water. They can also be used as snowshoes in cold environments, keeping the dog's feet safe from the snow.

A very good boy Labradors can be highly intelligent, as evidenced by Endal, a service dog who gained fame in the UK during the 2000s. Endal could respond to more than 100 instructions and was capable of carrying out many tasks for his owner, including operating buttons and switches and loading and emptying washing machines. He also had the ability to withdraw cash from an autoteller and pick up groceries.

War heroes Five Labrador Retrievers received the PDSA Dickin Medal - which is the highest award an animal can receive while serving in military conflict. It is equivalent to the Victoria Cross. Sasha, a Labrador Retriever, was recently posthumously awarded this medal for her "outstanding gallantry, devotion, and service while serving with 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment in Afghanistan 2008."

Cover star In 1938, a black Lab named 'Blind of Arden was the first dog to grace Life magazine's cover. Averell Harriman was his owner and would later become the 48th Governor for New York. He featured in the magazine after he won the title of "Number 1 US Retriever" at an American dog show.

Not such a good boy After killing a cat owned by Governor Gifford Pinchot, a black Labrador named Pep was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in Pennsylvania.

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous Drew Barrymore (Flossie), Bill Clinton, Minnie Driver (Bubba), Mary Kate Olsen(Luca), Gwyneth Palatrow (Holden), Steve Martin (“Roger”) Anne Hathaway “Esmerelda” and Hulk Hogan (“Rosello”) are some of the celebrity Labrador owners.