How Animals Communicate With Each Others??

Animals can communicate using signals, which includes visual, auditory or sound-based, chemical (involving pheromones) or tactile, touch-based clues.

Communication behaviors can help the animals to find mates, establish their dominance, defend their territory, coordinate group behavior, and care for their young ones.

Communication is when one animal transfers information to another animal causing some kind of change in the animal that gets the information like you may have seen dogs barking around you. It is the method of their communication.

Communication is usually between the animals of a single species, but it can also happen between two animals of different species like birds way of communication occurs in this manner.

Lions used to roar that can be heard when you are 8 km away from a them. They generally uses their roar to protect their territory and the cubs from their enemies like Hyenas, other Lion coalitions, etc.

Chimpanzees used to communicate in various different manner like hoots (sweet & rough), grunts, half-grunts, half-barks. They use different sounds in different situations.

The following are some common types of signals that usually animals generates :- Pheromones - Chemicals Auditory clues - Sounds Visual clues - Watching Tactile clues - Touching Above four signals are commonly seen in monkeys and baboons.

Cat used the sound 'Meow' to show their behavior, attitude, calmness, sweetness, love, care, aggression, etc. This sound works in different manner in different situations.

Hyenas used to communicate by their laughing skills. Hyenas laugh at their scavenging time, so that their clan came over there and help them.

An organism's general coloration rather than a change in colour may also act as a visual signal. For instance, the bright coloration of some toxic species, such as the poison dart frog, acts as a don't harm warning signal to the predators.