Is It Good To Feed Mangoes To The Cats??

Can Cats Eat The Mangoes?? If the people have ever searched that what are the ingredients on several cat food products, then we have seen that the cat food products contain a variety of ingredients, and we will find meat, fruit, vegetables, grains, and more. One of the questions we get frequently that is it safe for cats to eat Mango. In short the answer is yes, cats can eat Mangoes, but there are several things to be considered before adding mangoes in a regular part of their diet.

Is Mango Good or Bad for the Cats?? The biggest problem arises on feeding the cats, mango or any fruit is that the cats are strict carnivores. Cats don't consume any kind of fruit in their diet when they are in the wild. They used to eat rodents, insects, birds, etc. Hence, mango is not in the list of their daily scheduled diet. Mango can disturb their digestive and even their immune system.

Mango Is A High Sugar Diet Another problem with mangoes is that they contain high sugar or glucose levels that can lead to weight gain and various other health problems like obesity, dental issues that can harm the lifestyle of a cat.

How Mango Is Good For Cats?? Mango contains a number of specific qualities and features. Mango contains 60% of water in it, also having various Minerals like Potassium, Vitamins like Vitamin A, C, E and K. It also includes various healthy carbohydrates. Thus, we can say that mangoes are good for the cats or any animal.

How Can We Feed The Cats A Mango?? If you want to feed your cat a mango then first of all you have to wash it thoroughly as mango's skin can have a lot of pesticides in it. After washing carefully, peel out the skin of the mango and remove the seed between it. After then, chop the mango into small pieces otherwise blend it. Now, it is ready for a cat to eat the mango.

The Amount of Mango to feed the Cats We recommend to limit the size of mango portion to a few tablespoons every 2-3 days as a treat to the cats. This amount should not affect the cats like contribution to weight gain or tooth decay. It will be a part of a healthy diet for the cats.

What Other Food Can We Feed Our Cats Other Than The Mangoes?? You can feed your cat the several other fruits, like apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, pumpkin and watermelon. With each of these fruits, you will need to clean them carefully and limit the portion size of the fruits as you do with Mango for the cats.

Summary The summary is that Mango is a safe fruit for your cat to eat and your pet does not get too much sugar, if given in limit. We have found that many cats enjoy the taste of mangoes and it can be a great way to get a stubborn cat to eat. The downside of it is that it contains high level of sugar and can throw off your cat’s sensitive digestive system, which is only supposed to eat animal protein. Make sure you limit the size of mango portion in your cat's diet that will not harm it's lifestyle.