Long-Haired Dog Breeds: 16 Dogs with the Most Luscious Locks

Briard These large, energetic dogs are also known as the Chien Berger de Brie (France) and have been working in the French countryside as herders since the time Charlemagne. Their peek-a-boo, shaved hair is what keeps us hooked. They are smart and strong. You can get the Briard's shaggy, black-colored coat in many shades, including gray, tawny and black.

Afghan Hound The Afghan Hound is a symbol of extremes. They are elegant, regal and aloof but they can also entertain people with their silly antics. Although this breed is well-known for its fashion statements, the flowing coat of the Afghan Hound was created to make a statement.

Bergamasco Bergamascos have many things to be proud of. They are intelligent, patient, friendly, and loyal companions. The most striking thing about this breed is their unique coat. Bergamasco's unique, natural-occurring mats make it easy to maintain.

Maltese White, floor-length hair is the crowning glory for the Maltese. Although this breed exudes elegance and beauty, they're not a sexy divas. They're just as fun as they are beautiful. A Maltese can be a wonderful companion if you are able to incorporate daily brushing into your daily routine.

Irish Setter We are in awe of her mahogany-colored coat. Irish Setters are well-known for their sweet dispositions and boundless energy. This graceful, long-haired, and easy-going breed is loved by both children and seniors.

Bernese Mountain Dog The Bernese mountain dogs are a show-stopper with their distinctive facial markings and thick double hair. Are you infatuated with the large, voluminous hair of this breed? You'll love to know that they are calm, affectionate dogs. Be prepared to brush your dog every day during the twice-a year shedding season.

Shih Tzu The Shih Tzu is the most adorable dog in the world. Look at that perfect paired mustache! We love these little lion dogs, no matter how long their hair is. But, we love them for having well-groomed, luxurious locks. We love all their colors .

Komondor This dog stands out from the rest. The Komondor, a large breed originating from Hungary and covered in thick, white cords is protected by the guard instincts of a dog. A Komondor is a great choice if you like the long-haired look but don't want to do too much. Take note: While they don't require brushing, they do need regular baths. No one wants a dog that is dreadlocked or not!

Yorkshire Terrier The Yorkshire Terrier's appearance can be deceiving. This dog is delicate and slender on the outside. is a true terrier. Yorkshires are lively companions who have a zest for life and a spirited spirit that we find charming. You can also have long hair!

Bearded Collie A dog with a beard is a must-have! We love these scruffy collie dogs! The Bearded collie is outgoing and outdoorsy, so it's essential that they are brushed at least 5-10 minutes each day.

Havanese It's not surprising that the Havanese, a long-haired dog with silky hair, was once called the “Havana Silk Dog.” This class clown deserves a spot on our list. The Havanese, a tiny but powerful dog, is easy to fall in love.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel That's a beautiful face! It's amazing! The Cavalier, a caramel-colored Cavalier, has the best looks. Their silky, long coat requires only occasional brushing. They are great with children and can adapt to quiet and active environments.

Lhasa Apso Although it's not easy to achieve looks like this, Lhasa Apso fans don't mind. They will happily do whatever it takes to keep their coats in good condition. It only takes one glance at their gorgeous, floor-length locks to understand why. Even though she looks dainty, Lhasa is a fierce watchdog.

Puli The Puli's mop-like dreadlock appearance or his loving personality are what make him stand out. It will take four to five more years for his densely-coated coat to fully grow out but it is worth the wait to see them in their full, unique, locked glory.

Skye Terrier This breed is a master of the hairstyle. Skye Terrier hair is a masterpiece. It falls like a veil over their faces and is crafted with precision. The Skye Terrier's hair is straight and long, with large, feathery ears. These terriers, are bred in Scotland's remote Island of Skye. They are affectionately known as the "heavenly breed with the heart of an lion".

Newfoundland The sweet, gentle "nanny dog", has a beautiful expression that is hard to resist. We are drawn to the Newfies' beautiful coat, which makes them so luscious. Newfoundlands are known for their intelligence and size, but they're also very calm and loyal dogs. We think it is quite a combination.