Meet the 9 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds in the World

Abyssinian Abyssinians are intelligent, curious, and athletic. They are considered to be the oldest cat breed in existence. They are social and people-oriented, which is the best part about them. Although "Aby's" may not be lap cats, they do love to play with their owners and get to know them well.

Birman They are long-haired and blue-eyed, and they love being petted. Birmans are one the most affectionate breeds of cat. They are affectionate towards all animals, and don't limit themselves to human contact. Birman cats get along well with other pets and are known to snuggle up with dogs.

Burmese Burmese cats love to snuggle and play hard. Their coat color is the only difference between them and Bombay cats. Burmese cats can be sabled, while Bombay cats are all-black. However, they are both the most affectionate cats you'll ever meet.

Cornish Rex These adorable wavy-coated beauties can't get enough attention. They love to be admired and adore attention. They love being held and stroked. These affectionate cats love to snuggle under their covers and sleep in bed. These cats are known for being outgoing and making excellent therapy cats.

Maine Coon Are you looking for a large, fluffy, cuddly hunk to snuggle up to on cold winter nights? Maine Coon cats are well-known for their size, which can reach 18 pounds. They also have a calm and affectionate nature. Although they don't need to be pampered, they are happy to lay on your lap and read or watch TV. It's a great feeling to pet their soft, long coats.

Persian Although their looks may scream "drama," their personalities are more laid-back and friendly. They require frequent grooming due to their long, soft coats and adorable facial folds. However, they are very easygoing. This loving cat breed will be your best friend for the rest of their lives if you give them a safe place to play and lots of pets.

Ragdoll Ragdoll cats are big, beautiful, and blue-eyed. Because they relax when held in your arms, Ragdoll cats get their name. They are one of the most affectionate breeds of cat. They are also extremely tolerant and make great family pets.

Siamese The Siamese cat breed is popular in America because of its versatility. These cats are not only beautiful, but they are intelligent and curious. Although they are known for being troublemakers it is only because they want human attention. 

Tonkinese The Tonkinese is a cross between Siamese and Burmese. They are made for affection! They are outgoing, playful, and will sit on your lap or even your shoulders. Tonk people claim that their kitties can be a problem if they become bored. They do best in pairs or with another pet in the home.