Meet The Adorable Lowchen!

Lowchenwhite Scribbled Something On A Piece Of Paper

The Long And Lustrous Manes Of The Lowchen Have Earned Them A Comparison To Lions And They Were Once One Of The Favored Pets Of European Nobility

While They Can Be Rare To Find These Dogs, They Have Big And Bright Personalities And Some Notable Characteristics That Set Them Apart From Other Toy Breeds

The Lowchen Is A Toyized Dog And It Weighs Around 20 Pounds And Is 14 Inches Tall

Lowchens Are Prone To Developing Cataracts And Are Susceptible To Other Health Issues

In The Presence Of Other Dogs, This Breed Can Sometimes Be Bossy And Bully, But They Are Friendly And Very Social

Lowchen Who Keep Their Long And Wavy Hair Should Be Brushed On A Daily Basis To Prevent Matting And Rescue Them From A Style Emergency

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