Meet The Common Cuckoo: The Bird That Steals Nests!

The Bird That Stole The Nest Is The Common Cuckoo

Birds Spend A Lot Of Time Building Their Nest, Some Make It Out Of Mud While Others Build It In Trees

In This Story, We Will Cover The Common Cuckoo'S Taxonomy Distribution Physical Characteristics Diet Nest Stealing Behavior Chick Behavior And Culturally Learn More

The Cuckoo Family Includes Roadrunners Doels Couas Coucals Anis And Malkohastaxonomy

Common Cuckoos Spend The Spring And Summer In Europe And Asia, Their Preferred Habitats Include Open Areas With Sparse Tree Covers

They Eat A Wide Variety Of Insects Including Beetles And Crickets

A Common Cuckoo Female Does Not Build Her Own Nest And Instead Relies On Other Birds To Raise Her Children

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