Polar Bears are one of the biggest predator mammals found on the Earth. They are so huge in size and undisputed kings of the Arctic Circle.

A male Polar Bear can weigh up to 1200-1400 pounds and a female Polar Bear can weigh about 800-1000 pounds. They are the biggest carnivores of North Pole.

Polar Bears are much energetic and skillful hunters. They can jump up to the length of 10 feet (3 metres) and can run with the speed of 40kmph.

Female Polar Bears used to feed milk to their cubs at the age of 18 months. Female Polar Bears are one of the very protective mothers.

Female Polar Bears can fight even with a male Polar Bear to protect her cubs. She used to train her cubs so that they can live at their own at the age of 3 years.

When the cubs crosses the age of 3, they are almost equal to the size of their mother. They are now ready to live at their own.

Their meals include :- Walrus, Seal, Beluga Whale and sometimes Orca (Killer Whale).

Polar Bears are an efficient swimmers. They can swim with a speed of 30kmph. They can swim up to a long distance of 10 kilometers.

In winters, Polar Bears used to sleep most of the time in the cave holes dig by themselves as the temperature of North Pole at that time is approximately -30' to -35' Celsius which can't be handled even by their 3 inch furry coats.

If two male Polar Bears used to fight with each other mainly for females and territory, then both the giants get severe injuries on their bodies. Sometimes, the battle  results into the death of loosing opponent by severe damages. In fact, the Polar Bears are the undisputed rulers of the Arctic Circle.