Reasons Why You Should Keep A Tarantula As A Pet Advantages and Disadvantages

Your Friendly Neighborhood Tarantulas As Pets Tarantulas make great pets. Although they can be intimidating and scary, tarantulas are extremely calm once they get used to their environment. People who have kept tarantulas before consider them the easiest pet, since they are relatively inexpensive to keep.

Advantages of Tarantula as a Pet

1. A Very Budget Friendly Diet Tarantulas do not need expensive foods to survive. Tarantulas can survive without food for up to a month or even weeks. They are ambush predators and have a slow metabolism. They rarely get hungry. You can feed your house insects to them, and it will cost you nothing.

2. The Cost Of Keeping Them Is Very Low They are not as expensive as exotic pets. The tarantula itself is the most costly part of owning a tarantula. To keep a tarantula, you just need a medium-sized container, drill some holes in it and put coco-fiber substrate and a cork bark hide. This is it.

3. Require Very Low Maintenance Tarantulas are not like other animals and do not move around. They are very sedentary and will stay put unless they are webbing. You don't need to pay much attention to your pet, except feeding it every single day.

4. No Need To Worry About Space Tarantulas prefer to live in small spaces because they don't have to chase predators but ambush them. They like to be at one spot and wait for the food to come. Your tiny tarantula might be stressed if you live in large spaces.

5. Be By Your Side For A Long Time Tarantulas live very long lives. The longevity of your tarantula will vary depending on the type, but they generally live between 15-20 years. It's easier to be an ecofriendly pet owner by owning one.

Disadvantages of Tarantula as a Pet

1. Not Such A Bonding Relationship People get pets to bond with them and have fun. The tarantulas can't remember their owners because they aren't a fully developed species. The tarantulas may not be the right pet for you if you're looking for a companion that will build a relationship with them. They prefer to be left alone.

2. Risk Of Being Poisoned Tarantulas are predators and have poison in the fangs. They are usually calm and won't attack humans. If you try to agitate them or invade their space, they might lash out at your and possibly poison you. They aren't dangerous, but they can cause allergic reactions.

Final Thoughts While there are many benefits to owning a tarantula for a pet, there are also some drawbacks. A tarantula is a great choice for someone who wants an exotic pet that will shock their friends and family, but doesn't require you to spend a lot of money.