Serval Vs. Cheetah: What Are The Differences?

What Are The Differences Between Serval And Cheetah?There Is Nothing More Confusing Than Looking At The Serval And The Cheetah At The Same Time To See How Different They Are To The Average Person

The Similarities In Their Fur Coats Will Leave You Confused, But In This Story We Will Show The Differences Between These Closely Related Cats And Reveal Who Is Likely To Win

The Serval Is Between 236 And 394 Inches Long And 17 To 24 Inches Tall, While The Cheetah Is Between 43 And 59 Inches Long And 45 To 53 Inches Tall

The Serval Has Claws That Can Be Fully Retracted

The Serval Can Be Found In Woodlands And Marshlands, While The Cheetah Can Be Found In Shrubs And Deserts

The Social Behaviorservals Are Known To Be Solitary And Barely Congregate In Groups Although They May Be Seen Resting In Small Groups During The Day On The Other Hand The Cheetah Can Live In Isolation But Is Known To Exist In Male Groups

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