The 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the United States Country

Labrador Retrievers These active and friendly pups have held the top position for 28 consecutive years. Erin Henlon Hall, a long-timer breeder, said that the breed is "a do-everything breed" and was able to spend time with their owners. It is versatile in all aspects: hunting, showing, dock diving and tracking as well as obedience. It is as American as hot dogs, apple pie, and baseball.

German Shepherd Because they are loyal and trustworthy, these companions can often be used as service dogs or police dogs.

Golden Retriever This friendly, intelligent dog is the main star of the group, with leading roles on Full House and Air Bud

French Bulldog Frenchies are very intelligent and require little exercise. The AKC stated that big-eared Frenchies are a popular choice in New York, San Francisco and Miami. 

Bulldogs  These canines were a presidential pick. Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge both owned them.

Beagles Beagles are curious and playful, and will follow their noses to wherever they go (and sometimes into trouble).

Poodles  There are three sizes: standard, mini, and toy. However, all poodles can be considered one breed (extremely intelligent). The "poodle clip", which is a fancy haircut, protects joints and organs from cold water. However, most poodles are family dog.

Rottweiler Rottweilers are known as protectors. However, they can also be affectionate and loyal companions to their owners. 

German Shorthaired Pointer GSPs are great hunting and field dogs due to their intelligence and keen sense of smell.

Yorkshire Terrier Fun fact: Although Yorkies were fashionable pets in the late Victorian era due to their popularity, they started out as vermin-catchers in clothing mills.