The 11 breeds of adorable dog that have the most powerful Bite

Kangal  The Kangal is the most powerful dog breed, with a 743 psi. They are excellent at protecting livestock in Turkey from predators. However, the Kangal is also known for being a good family dog and getting along well with children if properly trained.

Dogue de Bordeaux The Dogue de Bordeaux is a formidable bite force of 556 psi. However, this breed is known for being so lazy that they rarely use it.

Mastiff Over the years, the Mastiff's 552 psi bite has been used to great advantage in many roles including guarding villages and hunting wolves. They are now gentle giants that are used as family dogs.

Leonberger The Leonberger, another gentle giant, is more likely to use its 399psi bite for chewing sticks, toys, and even its owner's shoes.

Rottweiler Rottweilers can bite at up to 328 PSI. Although they are a gentle and calm breed, Rottweilers are best suited for more experienced owners.

German Shepherd The German Shepherd is a well-known and respected dog for the police force and army.

Boxer The Boxer's 230 psi bite is not enough to make them a bad family dog. They are good with people of all ages and can be aggressive around other animals.

Dobermann The bite force of the Dobermann is 229 psi. They are great watch dogs, but they should be avoided by families with young children.

Chow Chow Although the Chow Chow doesn't have the same bite power as the lions, they still manage to be one of the most powerful canine breeds at 220 PSI.

Bulldog Although the Bulldog has a bite force of just 210 psi they are friendly and affectionate.

Malinois The Belgian Shepherd is also known as the Malinois. It has a weaker strength bite that its German cousin, the 195 psi.