The 11 Least Active Cat Breeds (For People Who Love a Chill Cat)

American Shorthair Because of its friendly nature, the American Shorthair is one of the most loved cat breeds. This laid-back cat will usually get along with all members of the household, even small children. 

Persian This cat is a calm and relaxed cat. Although you will spend more time grooming Persians, their friendly demeanor will make up for the extra effort. 

Exotic Shorthair PetMD describes the exotic shorthair as "a Persian with no pretensions." It's easy to get along with them without becoming too reserved. The CFA describes this breed as "sweet, affectionate and quiet"; a cat that loves to relax with his owners. 

Ragdoll The placid Ragdoll could be called an expert snuggler. The ragdoll is a relaxed, easy-going cat who can sometimes go limp when held. The ragdoll is a relaxed feline that will curl up with you after a hard day at work. 

Maine Coon The massive Maine Coon is affectionately known as "gentle giants" because of its sweet and gentle disposition. These cats are not shy or timid, but they are friendly and easygoing. They get along well with children and dogs. 

British Shorthair The British Shorthair is a portrait of elegance and grace. He enjoys being the center of attention, but he's equally happy to entertain himself when you're not there. Vetstreet says that these cats want to be "with their people, not necessarily in laps or carried around but in the same room or next to them." 

Russian Blue The Russian blue is a great addition to a small space, whether you own or rent it. These gentle cats are very independent and don't need much space. They are quiet and independent. This makes them more comfortable being left alone. 

Scottish Fold The Scottish fold is instantly identifiable by their bent ears. Although these cats are friendly and open to human interaction, their activity is very low. 

Selkirk Rex These curly-haired beauties are a model of patience and tolerance. Although they do have their fun moments, the selkirk-rex will not wear you out with its constant activity. They are also less vocal than other breeds, and require your attention less. 

Birman The Birman is playful but less active than other cat breeds. This low-maintenance feline is perfect for those who need peace and quiet at home. They are not able to enjoy long periods of solitude, though. 

Himalayan Himalayans tend to be quieter than their Siamese ancestors. Although they are not totally inactive, they prefer to be surrounded by their friends and have a good time.