The 14 Cutest Cat Breeds You’ll Want to Snuggle ASAP

Ragdoll The Ragdoll is a sweet and gentle creature. He loves to be cuddled and has a relaxed, floppy disposition. Their semi-long, color-pointed coats are irresistible so it's no surprise they love being held. We are captivated by the breed's beautiful blue eyes. 

Munchkin cat These cats are adorable, especially with a name like Munchkin. These tiny felines are friendly and playful, and love to play with dogs and cats. You will find yourself wrapped around the Munchkin's tiny finger quickly due to his petite stature and playful personality. 

Siberian The Siberian has a beautiful double-coat and a fluffy neck collar that protects him from the harsh Russian winters. This playful breed is full of adventure and a charming personality that makes him even more adorable. This breed is loved for his adorable, tufted ears. 

Cymric What is the point of a cat with no tail? It is strangely adorable. The long-haired version Manx cat of the tailless is affectionate and gentle. The Cymric has a spherical body that is adorable. They have round heads, round eyes and even round rear ends. We love all the colors this skilled jumper is available in! 

Birman The elegant Birman, once called the Sacred Cat of Burma, exudes elegance. With his beautiful eyes and silky hair, this cutie is sure to charm you. Birmans are social cats and make great friends. Birmans love spending time with their family and are happy to be lavished with attention. They don't need your permission to give you attention. 

Ragamuffin The Ragamuffin, a cousin to the sweet Ragdoll is a large, fluffy furball that's eager to go with his owners wherever they go. He is calm, patient, playful and a great cat for families with young children. This charming cat is a joy to behold. Even his name is adorable! 

Abyssinian The Abyssinian's curious eyes and wildcat appearance are what keep us hooked. This "clown" of the cat kingdom is known for his mischievous antics and love to explore. Aby, a spirited cat, is an avid attention-seeker. His people don't mind. 

Bengal Although this is not a low-maintenance cat, it is adorable! crossed Asian leopards with domestic cats to create the Bengal's wild appearance. Bengals are always on the move and love to climb, play fetch, and go for walks on leashes. The iridescent sheen on the coat of this Bengal breed makes it look like it has been sprayed with glitter. 

Egyptian Mau The Egyptian Mau is one of few domestic cat breeds that has naturally occurring spots on their coat. His striking looks and shy demeanor have us awestruck. This breed is reserved and sensitive, but earn his trust and he will be your friend for the rest of your life. 

American Bobtail The American Bobtail ticks all of the cute boxes. A fluffy, fluffy coat? Check. Cherubic expression? Check. Beautiful coloring and a tiny "bobbed" tail. You can check and again! This cat looks just like a dog and is friendly and interactive. An American Bobtail will be close to his human family. 

Chartreux The Chartreux, affectionately known as " The smiling blue cat of France", is a rare American rarity . This cat is a beautiful combination of a rotund body, bright eyes and soft, blue-gray fur. He is a great lap-cat because of his loving and caring nature. All you need is to get all the cuddles. 

Ragdoll The kinky curls of this breed are reminiscent the 80's popular hairstyle, the perm. We think this look is very cool, even though it may be outdated. LaPerms are known for their mischief-making ways. We can overlook their playful misbehavior because they are so adorable. 

British Longhair The British Longhair is quieter and more reserved. It is a quiet, calm, and dignified cat. This breed is a large and muscular cat with a long, luxurious coat. The British Longhair is one of the most adorable cat breeds. His round eyes and cheeks make him a very cute choice. 

Turkish Angora The beautiful Turkish Angora, is a national treasure of Turkey. His graceful grace and strength are ballerina-esque. His long, silky hair and fluffy tail are irresistible. But don't let his elegant look fool you. These disarming felines can be as shrewd and obedient as they seem. Turkish Angoras have three traits that we believe make them even more adorable: they are playful, intelligent, and active.