The 16 Smartest Dogs Breeds

Great Pyrenee Great Pyrenees can be intelligent and serious dogs that thrive in large areas and are great family companions. They are distinguished by their long, flowing, white coats and pensive appearance. These large, intelligent, calm and strong dogs were created to guard sheep against the ferocious predators of the Pyrenees highlands. 

Cockapoo The cockapoo is a popular crossbreed in America. It has the intelligence of a poodle but the love and affection of a cocker spaniel. These dogs are easy to love and shed little. They come in many sizes and colors to fit the needs of any family. The cockapoo is a happy, affectionate dog that loves everyone. 

Newfoundland Newfoundlands are often included in the top 10 largest dog breeds. Newfoundlands, affectionately known as "Newfies", are large, muscular dogs. Their enormous heads rest near the hips of adults for easy petting. They can weigh between 100 and 150 pounds. 

Bulldog Bulldogs are known for their perseverance, and can be found in many schools and businesses across the country. Bulldogs are brave and kind. They also have a soft spot to help children. There are four colors in the breed standard: red and white, fawn and fallow. You can have any combination of them with ticking, brindling, or black masks. Their eyes should be dark brown, black or a combination thereof. 

Dachshund The feisty and petite dachshund is a family favourite. Its long torso with stubby legs makes it easy to recognize. Find out more about doxies, and how you can live with them. The dachshund, a small hunting dog with a big personality, is loved for its sturdy and short appearance. 

German Shepherd German shepherds are renowned for their extraordinary blend of power, grace and intelligence. These large dogs, which weigh between 50 and 90 pounds, are distinguished by their alert, yet kind appearance. They have dark, almond-shaped, perked-up eyes and bright, open ears. 

French Bulldog Frenchies were originally bred as companion dogs. They are in constant need of our love and attention. French bulldogs make a great companion for any dog lover. They are intelligent, fun, and easygoing. The most popular colors are white, fawn and cream, but they can also be adorned with brindle patterns and black masks.

Golden Retriever The intelligent and loyal Golden Retriever is a great family pet. Due to their friendly demeanor, charming smiles, and gleaming coats they are one of America's most beloved breeds. They are medium-sized, strong dogs that average between 10-12 years in life expectancy. 

Pug The squishy personality and soft nature of pugs is well-known. This breed is ideal for people who love to spoil their pets and are laid back. Although it is somewhat naughty, this breed is loved by its owners. This is all you need to know regarding pugs. The pug is a large dog that packs a lot into its square body, weighing in at 14-18 pounds. 

Akita Akitas are a Japanese national treasure. They have been loved by American dog lovers for their loyalty, watchfulness, and strength. Find out how to live with an Akita. American Akitas can be as tall as 24 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 70 and 130 pounds. 

Afghan Hound Afghan hounds can be affectionate and elegant dogs. They are capable of running up to 40 mph and require a strict grooming regime. Learn how to care for Afghan hounds and whether they are the right dog for you. This one is hard to miss: Afghan dogs have long hair. 

Australian Shepherd Australian shepherds are intelligent, loyal, and active dogs. They love to spend quality time with their owners, exploring new places. Learn more about living with Australians. The Australian Shepherd is a solidly built, medium-sized herding dog. It has a longer body than its height. 

Labradoodle Labradoodles are a loving, affectionate family dog that is easy on allergies and friendly. They are one of America's most loved dog breeds. They love to be active, but not as much as you. The Labradoodle, a beloved breed, is easy to train and is a great choice for new dog owners. 

Shiba Inu Shiba Inus, a small but strong Japanese dog breed, are very agile and can move to their own beat. Although they are content to wander around the house, their owners still enjoy entertaining them and making fun of them. Shiba Inus live 13-16 years, and they have a cat-like disposition. They are affectionate but may not be interested in being snatched for a cuddle. 

English Shepherd English shepherds are medium-sized dogs, also known as shadow shepherds. They have a strong and agile frame, and love being with their masters. Although they have worked on farms in the past, English shepherds can be good companion dogs when given enough exercise. English shepherds are the original farm dog, and they have a strong work ethic as well as acute senses. 

Bouvier des Flandre The Bouvier des Flandres is an intelligent, large dog that can be trained to work. He also makes a great family friend. Because of his demanding exercise and high grooming requirements, he is not suitable for all. With his heavy, thick beard, mustache, naturally disheveled hair, and imposing personality, the Bouvier des Flandres makes a strong first impression.