The 8 Smartest Cat Breeds You Need to Know

Abyssinian One of the oldest cat breeds is the Abyssinian, a playful and athletic breed. Abyssinians can be affectionate but won't settle for a day of sitting on your lap. Abyssinians are an active breed that loves to play fetch, jump, and climb. You can teach them to walk on a lead.

Scottish Fold Although they are best known for their unique folded ears, not all Scottish Folds have them. All Scottish Folds have straight ears. However, some cats develop a fold in their ears around 21 weeks. Straights are those without a fold. The Scottish Folds are intelligent, calm, playful and social.

Siamese Siamese cats are one the oldest cat breeds. They were loved by monarchs and monks. Siamese cats are a beautiful breed known for their blue eyes and light-colored coat. The ears, tail and legs have darker patches. 

Burmese Burmese cats are energetic, friendly, vocal, and thrive on affection and attention. Although they love to be held, they can also be very attached and will follow their owners around. Burmese cats can live quite long lives due to their Siamese ancestry. The oldest Burmese cat was 24 years old. They are known for their playful nature, which lasts well into adulthood. 

Bengal The first Bengals are known for their beautiful leopard-like coats. An Asian Leopard Cat was crossed with a domestic shorthair to create the first Bengals. They are immune to feline leukemia because of their Asian Leopard Cat heritage. Bengals are intelligent, energetic cats who can learn tricks quickly. They are fearsome hunters of all marine animals because they have dexterous hands and love the water.

Cornish Rex The Cornish Rex is distinguished by its soft, wavy coat and long, lean body. It also has an extremely arched back. Cornish Rexes have a curly coat that lacks any outer protection layer of guard hairs. This makes them extremely soft. Cornish Rexes can be trained to be therapy cats, as they love being held and touched. 

Tonkinese What happens when you mix a Siamese with a Burmese? The result is a Tonkinese Tonkinese are lap cats who will beg for your affection and time. They are intelligent, social cats that love to play fetch, tag, hide-n-seek, and other games. Tonkinese litter with 19 cats was the largest cat litter ever recorded. This is a significant departure from the five-cat litters. 

Turkish Van Turkish Van cats are very active and love to jump, climb, but they can also be quite clumsy, knocking items off of shelves. These cats hail from Turkey's Lake Van Region and love to swim. Turkish Van Cats can be identified by their semi-long, white hair and van pattern markings on the tail and head.