The Best White Cat Breeds to Keep as Pets

American Shorthair American shorthairs are the pedigreed domestic shorthair. They can be friendly and easygoing, and come in many colors and patterns, including white cats. These cats are adaptable to different living situations. They love spending time with their loved ones, but they also enjoy playing with interactive toys. 

Devon Rex The Devon Rex is a cartoonish looking dog with big eyes and prominent cheekbones. The Devon Rex's short, curled coat is available in white as well as a variety other colors. These cats are active and playful. They are a great choice for families with children or pets who appreciate their friendly nature.

European Shorthair The European shorthair cat breed is the oldest and most popular in Europe. The breed is not only white but also has a variety of colors and patterns. It usually has amber, green, and blue eyes. They are playful and intelligent and can adapt to different environments.

Maine Coon The Maine coon is well-known for its thick and long coat. It comes in many different color and pattern combinations including solids and tabbies. Maine coons were traditionally brown tabbies. These cats are friendly and easy-going. They are able to get along well with strangers and all pets.

Oriental The slim, athletic Oriental cat can be found in many colors, including white. They are friendly, lively, and affectionate cats. Some cats can become attached to their family members and it can be difficult for them to grieve the loss.

Persian While white is the most common Persian coat color, they also come in many other colors and patterns. They require daily brushing to remove mats and tangles from their long flowing coats. Persians make great lap cats and are gentle, calm, quiet pets.

Siamese Sometimes called "foreign white," pure Siamese cats are not adorned with the traditional darker-colored "points", such as the ears, tail, legs and face. Siamese kittens come in a variety of colors, including a white birth, which gradually turns to darker colors as they get older. They love their family and are happy to be the center attention. These cats are vocal and will let you know when they want it.

Siberian Siberians are strong and agile. They have three layers of dense fur, and can be found in many colors and patterns. Although their thick fur is easy to maintain, it does require a few brushings per week. However, they can shed occasionally. Siberians love adventure so you can expect them to climb everywhere in your home while they explore and play.

Turkish Angora The Turkish Angora, a natural breed, can be traced back to Turkey over several hundred years. Although they are often pictured in white, these cats can also be found in other colors, such as black, blue and red. These cats are energetic and assertive and need lots of interactive play to keep them happy. 

Turkish Van Turkish Vans are mostly white, with some color on their heads and tails. They are active cats who love to run, jump and play. They also enjoy swimming. They don't like being held but do enjoy being petted and being around their favourite people.